A decorative image of printing press. Alphasonics have cater to the Print industry since 1993 and many of our systems can be found in pressrooms around the world.


It’s a little known fact that since the year 2000, up to 2012 when we stopped counting, users of Alphasonics Advanced Ultrasonic Anilox Roll Cleaning Systems won in excess of 120 print awards around the world. From Europe to Asia to North and South America and Africa, our customers are regularly coming out on top in prestigious print awards.

Chris Jones, VP Sales at our US office explains “It’s all about consistency. You can’t print consistent high quality with inconsistent cell volumes…it’s not Rocket Science”

Yet for whatever reason, many print shop owners struggle to see the connection between consistent cell volumes and far less over-pigmentation of inks, faster make ready, reduced waste, much higher and more consistent print quality, easier and more accurate anilox management, increase in production run hours…..and profit.

However, all press operators know only too well the effect of having a blocked anilox. Time, Frustration, Poor Quality. TFPQ…What a nightmare!!

With up to 80% of all print problems attributed to the condition of the anilox, those companies looking to improve and maintain print quality should actually sit down and consider what they actually need to take their business forward. Furthermore, aniloxes with higher screen counts actually require more cleaning, not less, so it’s critical to choose the correct device that will suit the needs of the business, not only in cleaning efficacy but also capacity. For example, there is point buying a system because of it’s environmental claims per say, if it will only clean one roll at a time.

What Alphasonics Advanced Ultrasonic cleaning systems deliver is consistent 100% cleaning, 100% of the time in a safe and effective manner, with systems that will clean up to 12 rolls/sleeves at a time, making it much easier to beat those TFPQ blues, print consistently higher print quality and make more money.

“Managers and directors are encouraged to spend huge sums of money on expensive equipment with new levels of automation to improve competitiveness and profitability. Often overlooked can be the less interesting, yet equally important parts of the process. Maintaining anilox cell volume as part of standardising print will ensure that your printing system is predictable, right first-time day in day out. This can have a substantial impact on quality, waste reduction and efficiency. With modern anilox rolls yielding over 2 million cells per square inch, maintaining volume whilst at the same time caring for the roll has never been more important. I purchased my first Alphasonics system in 1994 and have never been disappointed. My latest system installed earlier this year has improved further with new levels of control for the finest of anilox rolls.”

Paul Larkin – Hamilton Adhesive Labels

“Since the installation of the Alphasonics system, the cleaning of the Blanket Wash units has been greatly enhanced. As we have 32 units, the system is used on a daily basis and saves on the old manual scrubbing and cleaning of the units."

Mike Day – Eclipse Colour Print

We chose Alphasonics Anilox Cleaning Systems. We did the due diligence and we took a look at some data & facts out there, spoke to our peers, and, in addition to Reliability and Technical Excellence, one of the things that really differentiated Alphasonics from everybody else was the dedication of customer service. Semliki Royal Group of Companies is a customer-oriented operation, so we would expect that from our vendors as well, and consequently we’ve developed a significant partnership with Alphasonics. We utilize the heavy duty Melanie Extra Anilox Cleaner DUO Series, with Active Cavitation, designed to clean and rinse both narrow and wide anilox rolls up to 60Kg maximum weight. We’ve found out that this is a very, very definitive unit, fits very well with our operations, and we’ve not faced any issues and no downtime. Alphasonics service technicians have been A1, any concern or any need that we have, all we’ve had to do is pick up the phone and they will respond to those needs as quickly as possible. We expect that our equipment work as impeccably well as our team members within the facility and Alphasonics fits that bill 100%.”

Doris Mwesigire-Mutabazi

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