Why are so many press and Anilox manufacturers choosing Advanced Ultrasonics as their preferred Anilox cleaning methods?

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As measurements of ultrasonic cavitation have advanced, it has enabled improvements in the application of high frequency sound into fluid to deliver an incredibly even distribution of ultrasonic activity, making it completely safe and highly effective for anilox roll cleaning.

In addition, with the advancement in volume measuring microscopes such as Troika’s AniCAM and other such devices it’s now possible to forecast the life of the anilox.

This ability is of major benefit to larger print groups, enabling them to forward order their aniloxes to gain a price advantage. In fact, with several of these groups, the acquisition of a volume measuring microscope is a mandatory purchase for every facility such is the importance of the knowledge and control it brings.

The improvements in the application of high frequency sound and advancement in volume measuring microscopes come together to deliver an amazing insight into what is actually happening with an anilox roll to a level never witnessed before. Up to 80% of all print problems stem from the condition of the anilox roll. If the anilox can be controlled, so will the majority of print problems.

  • Print problems cost money.
  • Inconsistent cell volumes cost money.
  •  Lack of control costs money.

To enable the benefits from the volume measuring microscope data set to be realised, the anilox roll must be maintained 100% clean. By achieving this state any change witnessed in the cell volume can only be caused by wear on the outside diameter, as the bottom of the cell is clean. Once a series of fingerprints are taken a pattern will emerge and from this data set the life of the anilox can be accurately forecast.

Advanced Ultrasonics will render the anilox 100% clean, 100% of the time in a safe, controlled & speedy manner and is the perfect, pre-requisite partner for any volume measuring device.

What else will 100% clean aniloxes deliver?

  • No requirement to ever over-pigment inks.
  • Greatly reduced waste stream.
  • Higher and more consistent print quality.
  • Increased production run hours.

Easier and more efficient anilox inventory management.

Through the application of unique technology that is unlike any other ultrasonic cleaning system or indeed any other methodology on the market, advanced ultrasonic consistently achieves what other cleaning methods cannot. Alphasonics customers have won countless print awards across the world. We also offer a written guarantee which confirms the safety of this technology for anilox cleaning.

This un-rivalled, exciting scientific approach is opening up great opportunities for Flexography, as the sector strives to develop and grow into the 21st century. In recognition of this, many large print groups, process and anilox manufacturers in Europe are choosing Advanced Ultrasonic as their preferred anilox cleaning method.

More recently we have been working on developing a version of our technology for use in the battle against sepsis. To find out more about our Medstar range visit our blog.


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