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Measurements of Ultrasonic cavitation have advanced. This brings improvements to the application of high frequency sound. Therefore, it allows the fluid to deliver an even spread of activity which makes it safe and effective for Anilox roll cleaning.

Volume Measuring Microscopes

It is now possible to predict the life of an Anilox. This is a major benefit to large print groups. It enables them to forward order their Anilox machines. They are able to gain a price advantage from this.

The investment of a volume measuring microscope is a mandatory purchase. Such is the importance of the knowledge and control it brings.

Improvements of high frequency sound deliver a great insight into an Anilox roll. Up to 80% of all print problems stem from the condition. To enable the benefits, the Anilox roll must be maintained 100% clean. Any change witnessed in the cell volume can only be caused by wear on the outside diameter. The bottom of the cell is clean.

Advanced Ultrasonics will render the Anilox 100% clean all of the time. This is done in a safe, controlled and speedy manner. This is a perfect partner for any measuring device.

Benefits Of A Clean Anilox

  • Easier, more efficient inventory management
  • Greatly reduce waste stream
  • Higher and more consistent print quality
  • Increased production run hours
  • No requirement to over pigment inks

Advanced Ultrasonics consistently achieve what other cleaning methods can’t. Through the application of unique technology within the market, a number of Alphasonics customers have won print awards from this development. We offer a written guarantee that confirms the safety of the technology for Anilox cleaning.

The unrivalled approach opens opportunities for Flexography. As the sector strives, many large print groups and manufacturers choose Advanced Ultrasonic as their first choice.

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