There are several common issues when print managers and business owners purchase an Anilox cleaning system:

  • the cost
  • the chance to save money
  • justifying the price
  • wondering whether you can get a return on the investment

The Importance of Quality

At Alphasonics, we supply premium advanced Anilox cleaning systems and as the saying goes: quality comes at a cost and you get what you pay for. Life can be difficult when cheap products and technology exist.

When you're competing with other businesses, it can be hard to justify our prices. There are some offers which seem too good to be true. We have had to find ways to validate what customers will receive from an Alphasonics system and so, we turned to verifiable and accurate data. This has been greatly helped with the development of sophisticated measurement systems, such as the AniCam from Troika among others.

This devices accurately measure the volume of the Anilox cells. Once a series of fingerprints are taken, any change in volume will instantly become apparent. However, the accuracy of the device is solely dependent on the cleanliness of the Anilox.

Trails and Results

Our machine cleans the roll 100% every time. It has become apparent that these two device were in fact symbiont. This is in relation to the control and management of the Anilox inventory. Having purchased one of these devices ourselves, we are able to show the data of how consistent our cleaning technology really is which confirms everything we have been saying for over 25 years.

From the results obtained through the use of the AniCam, trials conducted in the field as well as a unique method of measuring ultrasonic activity, we realised that we were in fact, a few steps beyond what we thought we had already achieved in terms of our technological development. Our technology is light years ahead of our nearest competitors and this allows the end user not just to clean an Anilox, but to also control it.

Benefits of Return on Investment:

Controlling the Anilox to a high degree enables six very tangible benefits:

  • No requirement to over pigmented inks
  • Shorter and more consistent make ready time
  • Greatly reduced waste
  • Higher print quality
  • Easier Anilox inventory management
  • Increase of available press run hours

From this, we are able to give a real expectation on return on investment which is based on actual data - not opinion. ROI for an Alphasonics system is now easier to calculate through this as well as some simple calculations based on what is happening within your print shop as it stands.

We are now able to give customers the opportunity to calculate the return on investment using some easy to use auto fill forms. This enables you to justify the price you are paying and to consider the long term benefits, beyond the initial purchase.

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