The importance of quality management plus blanket guarantees and how these feed into return on investment and profit with regards to anilox cleaning systems for Flexo.

We’re all in business to make money…Right? But achieving our goal doesn’t always mean that this has to be achieved by going faster and faster. Being savvier and understanding not only what we’re trying to do, but how we do it.

In Flexo, understanding and more importantly, appreciating that the anilox is the key to everything is the first step to being successful, not only today but in the longer term.

At Alphasonics, we produce anilox cleaning systems…(I can hear you now saying ‘Yeah right’) It’s taken us getting on for 30 years to fully understand what we do. The primary reason for this was an increase in screen counts that meant we were always playing catch-up.

However, in 2013 we started to look at an alternative market, which changed our perspective entirely. Firstly, to even enter this new market, we needed to achieve a quality management accreditation and because of new legislation in 2016 had to somehow come up with a methodology of measuring the ultrasonic activity in our equipment. This development was a major breakthrough in our understanding, especially as to why our technology will not damage anilox rolls, even with hourly cleaning and why we’re able to render the anilox 100% clean 100% of the time.

What this knowledge has allowed is for us to be confident enough to issue a blanket guarantee with regards to the cleaning of any anilox, from any manufacturer even with very regular cleaning. In addition, we now have the data that will enable us to develop the technology further, should screen counts continue to rise.

Furthermore, the technology developed for our new market (Healthcare) has also enabled an incredibly even distribution of sound, meaning that the cleaning activity is also incredibly even. What this leads to is a 100% clean anilox roll, time after time, enabling a much tighter control to be realized. So, providing that the equipment is regularly serviced and our chemistry is used, we are also able to offer a Performance Guarantee that stipulates a 100% return to full available volume.

No other producer could or would offer such comprehensive guarantees. Flexowash simply can’t guarantee a 100% return to full volume and Laser systems simply can’t guarantee anilox safety. Other ultrasonic equipment manufacturers or suppliers will neither offer an ‘across the board’ roll safety guarantee, or a full volume reinstatement.

What all business owners want to know is ‘Apart from the blah blah blah, what is the return on investment?

With an Alphasonics anilox cleaner, this is achieved through the safe and thorough cleaning of the roll because: -

  • Print problems cost money
  • Inconsistent cell volumes cost money
  • Lack of control costs money... and lots of it.

Anilox control eliminates any losses incurred through the effects of not having a clean roll and there are six elements and goals to this:

  • To stop over-pigmentation of inks to compensate for reduced anilox volume
  • To achieve consistent, make-ready times
  • To greatly reduce waste stream
  • To achieve higher and more consistent Print Quality
  • To deliver increased production run hours
  • To achieve easier and more efficient anilox inventory management

Eliminating the above will lead for sure to a greater and higher quality output from the press, which in turn will deliver a faster return on investment and assist, we have developed a return on investment calculator that effectively tells the user how long it will take to get his/her money back.

To find out what your return on investment would be on an ultrasonic cleaning machine, contact us today.


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