Are you getting the most from your Alphasonics System?

Your anilox cleaner is an integral part of your business. It is responsible for the keeping the heart of your flexo press in pristine condition.  As an Alphasonics customer, you have the very best anilox cleaning equipment in the industry at your disposal - but are you getting the most from it?

Alphasonics offer a range of options and products that will mean your system gives excellent results, long lifetime for the machine and most importantly, return on your investment.

When we get enquiries about how best to care for an Alphasonics systems, we ask our customers four questions:

When was your machine last serviced?

Regular maintenance and checks from a fully trained Alphasonics Engineer, ensures the system maintains optimum performance.  We can provide on or off-site servicing and, in many cases, can provide a loan system to keep you going.

This can help to identify any issues that need addressing with the unit due to age or increased usage.  Also, we are able, in the vast majority of cases, to fix the issue there and then.

Furthermore, we can even provide servicing and health check contracts to keep servicing a regular occurrence and on your schedule.    Help us take care of the regular maintenance for you and allow you to get the very best from your Alphasonics system.

Are your staff fully trained?

We provide periodic training to ensure your staff are using the system in the right way.  We can even work with your staff to put an anilox care and maintenance regime in place.  This provides opportunity for cost and time savings while improving workflow.  This can even be combined with a servicing trip.

We also provide full documentation in line with our ISO13485 quality management system to state who is trained and who are the responsible members of staff for the equipment.  Training certification is also provided to all trainees.

Alphasonics ALP 4460-1-655 (04)

Is the chemical you use in your system performing well?

Alphasonics have an extensive and effective range of chemistries, developed for all ink, adhesive and coating types.  There are many cheap imitations in the market which are used at higher dilution rates, do not last as long and do not perform at an effective level.  These short-term cost savings can only serve to increase long term costs.

Alphaclean products are developed with you in mind and in most cases, only used at a 10% dilution rate.  Even without filtration, they typically last around 4-6 weeks with daily use.  There are clear cost savings associated with a superior cleaning product.  Our Logistics and Consumables team will also work with you to manage your supply effectively, so you only receive the products you need, exactly when you need them.

All of our chemistry products are suited exactly for our anilox cleaners.  Make sure you’re using the best, within the best.

 When you need spares, are they coming from the right place?

Alphasonics carry all spare parts, consumables and associated products in stock.  These are ready for immediate dispatch and mostly available for next day delivery.    Spare parts all carry 6 months warranty and can often be fitted by your maintenance team or by one of our engineers.  The components are modular and can be easily replaced.

Furthermore, we will carry out a full investigation on any faulty parts to make sure you do not experience the same issues again.  Our friendly and attentive quality staff are at your disposal with anything you may need.

With these questions in mind, we at Alphasonics are on hand at any time to assist you with your requirements.  We pride ourselves in maintaining close and lasting relationships with our customers to make sure your Anilox Cleaner is giving you exactly what you need.

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