A decorative image showcasing a range of five Anilox Roll systems from Alphasonics.
Alphasonics are the premier supplier of Ultrasonic cleaning machines.

We design and manufacture bespoke cleaning machines. Various industries purchase our machines. The range includes the Anilox which we tailor towards solving cleaning issues.

There may be issues when cleaning the Anilox rolls. Therefore, the nature of cleaning can be problematic. This is why we created the Anilox cleaning range.

Our machines won’t damage your Anilox rolls. They are safe to use. They provide the highest quality cleaning standards available on the market.

There are five bespoke designs within our Ultrasonic cleaning machine range.

Our Ultrasonic Machines

The Melanie is available in either single or dual frequency. This comes at an affordable price. The Anilox roll cleaner has the potential to clean up to six rolls simultaneously.

The Mia is a Ultrasonic cleaning system. It brings technology to the benches of smaller printers. It is compact and simple to use. The machine contains a manually activated pump, as well as a filtration system for tank cleanliness and chemical longevity.

The Miranda is an Anilox roll machine. It has been created to strict specifications to ensure the highest standards are available in the Flexo and Gravure industries. This tank is safe to use and is effective when cleaning rolls that have screen counts of up to 800lpi (315lpc).

The Megan is a machine of variety. It has multiple cleaning options that can be selecting using the simple menu system. It incorporates ‘temperature fall back.’ This reverts to its most gentle setting at the end of the cycle. This reduces energy costs.

The Alphaplus is an Ultrasonic cleaning machine that tackles large Anilox rolls. No matter how difficult the rolls are to clean, the sophisticated and advanced Alphasound programming will ensure a thorough and safe clean, every time.

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