Roll Cleaning (Anilox Rolls/Gravure Cylinders)

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“We have found the cleaning of cylinders is much more effective by using the Alphasound system. Cleaning time is only half the time of manual cleaning. By cleaning with the system, we save a lot of money by not having to de-chrome and re-chrome cylinders that are only dirty.” – Frank Neumann, Amcor Flexibles Europe, Helio-Folien

“As a technical association, the DFTA gets many offers of equipment from suppliers for our own use and evaluation. This was the case with Alphasonics in 2010. In the time since then we have used this machine regularly to clean our F&K sleeves an coating aniloxes from our Heidelberg when we carry out technical trials for our clients. We have found the system from Alphasonics safe and very effective in delivering 100% clean sleeves and rolls, which is vital for the work we do.” – Dr Martin Dreher, DFTA-TZ

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