R&D is at the
heart of what we do

We have had an active research and development (R&D) department for a number of decades and several of our projects have enabled great strides in both the understanding and requirements of Flexo in particular that have enabled the sector to develop and grow as it has since the early 1990’s.

Our developments over the years have enabled the use of higher screen aniloxes and plates, as the ability to safely clean is paramount to their successful use. Our technology is so advanced that if the anilox producers were to offer a 3000lpi (1200lpc) anilox today, tomorrow a system would be available to clean it.

As a result of our heavy investment in R&D, we have continually added features to our standard equipment. This has resulted in the granting of several worldwide patents.

All our projects have been designed to deliver the most even distribution of sound humanly possible. In the printing sector, this critical requirement is to ensure that the anilox is not damaged by spikes that naturally occur when high frequency sound is applied to a tank of fluid.

Our current goals have been met and we proudly stand on a technology that is unrivalled in sound-based cleaning throughout the world. But our R&D never stops and even today, we are continuing to work and improve our own technologies to offer you with the very best cutting-edge equipment.

It is our belief that our strong scientific and engineering expertise can result in a high-quality approach to cutting edge technologies and the next developments in advanced ultrasonic cleaning.

Alphasonics have had an active Research and Development team since 1993. This is our timeline of success.


As a well-established business who manufacture ultrasonic cleaning systems to companies across the globe, research and development has become a big part of our growth. With new and familiar organisations requesting quotations on a daily basis, our team of trained experts have developed our systems to keep up to date with today’s era as well as our customers requirements.


For a number of years, Alphasonics primarily catered to the Print industry but in recent years, we have branched out into several other industries such as: Healthcare, Aerospace, Catering, Automotive, plus several more. With the aid of R&D, we are now a ISO 13485 accredited company who proudly work with a number of NHS facilities across the UK as well as supplying machines to Universities to aid future engineers.