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“Anilox rolls are a fundamental part of flexographic printing. Keeping them clean is imperative to top quality flexo print jobs. Edale would recommend an Alphasonics cleaning unit to all our customers in order to efficiently keep anilox rolls in top condition.” – James Boughton, Edale (UK)

“Whether UV or water based inks, cleaning the anilox with the Alphasonics anilox cleaner has become an important and successful elements in our entire showroom activity. The unit works very reliably, it is operator-friendly and the cleaning result is just perfect. The system has also been used as an after-sales-service instrument for our customers. Customers come here with their anilox rolls and get them cleaned – an Alphasonics cleaner thus is an absolute must.” – Tom Cavalco, European Sales Director, Mark Andy

“Owning high quality printing machines and using dirty aniloxes does not equate well with good return on investment. Therefore we recommend Alphasonics power cleaners to our customers.” – Jakob Landberg, Sales & Marketing Director, Nilpeter A/S (Denmark)

“Keeping the anilox as clean as possible is essential for high quality flexo printing. We have been using as Alphasound system for several years for the cleaning anilox sleeves with Soma GLOBE technology centre. We have found this device very effective and capable of delivering very clean anilox sleeves. We believe that the use of such a system provides great benefit to our customers”. – Martin Shejbal, Technologic Centre Manager & Application Specialist, Soma Engineering

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