What do we mean by 'Advanced' Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology?

The key to what we offer and what sets us apart is the incredibly even distribution of sound throughout the tank of fluid. From top to bottom and side to side, the difference in intensity is only 1.5mV, making it the most effective and safest system in the market for the cleaning of delicate items such as anilox rolls.

Advanced Ultrasonic Cleaning is also a flexible technology, that can be as gentle or as aggressive, as is required.

At Alphasonics, our Advanced Ultrasonic Cleaning technology has been specifically developed to give the best results when cleaning delicate items, such as high screen anilox rolls on a regular basis, or items that require the highest level of consistent cleaning. Our precision ultrasonic cleaning systems can remove microscopic contaminants such as ink residues and contamination to an incredibly low level, thus raising productivity, reducing downtime and as such increasing profit. Advanced ultrasonic cleaning of anilox rolls will generate profit - something that no other cleaning system can claim.

Our systems work by applying high frequency sound to a vessel of fluid via the process of cavitation. Through thousands of flexures per second to the radiating face. This in turn creates millions of vacuum chambers that then rise into the tank before imploding near to or against the submerged component, the contamination is sucked away through the formation of a micro-jet, resulting in a high level of cleaning.

The patented features used within our systems enhance this process. Active Cavitation assists with shortening cleaning times and evening out the distribution of the sound, while Betasound produces an impressive even distribution of sound within the fluid to a level that cannot be beaten. Our advanced technology utilised within the equipment enables a 2-year warranty on new systems plus a Performance Guarantee and Roll Safety Guarantee as standard.

The representational sketches show how different frequencies produce different vacuum cavities. Low frequencies produce larger cavities (fig.1), whereas high frequencies produce smaller cavities (fig.2), when the power input remains constant.

The cleaning process and safety is further enhanced by altering the power level or watts per litre between the high and low frequency settings. The factory settings are high frequency/low power and low frequency/high power. The low frequency setting is generally used to get the component clean and the high frequency setting is used to keep the component clean through regular cleaning.

At Alphasonics, we produce a range of high quality, affordable advanced ultrasonic cleaning systems, designed and manufactured to suit your specific needs.

Alphasonics have worked tirelessly on improving their technology.
Alphasonics have worked tirelessly on improving their technology.

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