A wide shot image of the Medstar system from Alphasonics, designed for cleaning surgical systems.

Designed with small or medium clinics in mind, our Medstar Compact is a low cost device that is designed for cleaning smaller batches of surgical equipment and rigid endoscopes. The Compact has the same advanced cleaning capabilities as our Medstar 3.


Designed to accept 2 x half DIN trays or 1 x full DIN tray, Medstar Compact will deliver instruments to under 1µg of protein per side and reduce bacteria to >log5 reduction* - all without heat.

The Medstar Compact will also accept rigid endoscopes at up to
500mm total length.

• Automatic cycle
• Easy to use
• LCD display
• Automatic chemical dosing
• Free-standing model
• Can accept half DIN and full DIN trays
• Compliant in part with HTM 01-01 2016
• Validation optional
• Lower cost device
• Can clean both instruments and rigid endoscopes
• Protein removal to under 1µg
• >log5 bacteria removal