Advanced Ultrasonic
Protein Removal Systems

Advanced ultrasonic cleaning systems are a pivotal piece of equipment by providing the first stage in the decontamination process of instruments within the Healthcare sector as they improve overall infection control and productivity by providing a more efficient and safer method to manual cleaning.

Our advanced ultrasonic cleaning for surgical equipment, medical implements and dental cleaning industries physically removes blood based proteins, bacteria and other contaminants from medical instruments.

Using an Alphasonics ultrasonic cleaning system to clean your medical equipment ensures that the joints and crevices are reached and all prion proteins are removed.

Developed in partnership with healthcare professionals, our range of medical devices represent the pinnacle in surgical equipment and with our highly trained team, we are able to interpret our customers’ needs to provide them with a medical system that offers exceptional performance and longevity.

With an ISO 13485 accreditation, our range of systems are ideal for hospitals, small clinics, doctors’ and dentist surgeries as well as veterinary practices.

With complex operations and requirements within Healthcare, it is important to have an expert opinion before deciding what solution is right for you and your business. Our trained engineers will work with you to design an ultrasonic cleaning system to your specification and needs. These same experts can not only assist you in selecting the right system but can help you choose the correct disinfectant or detergent that you will need.


A wide shot image of the Medstar system from Alphasonics, designed for cleaning surgical systems.

Our Medstar 3 system will remove blood-based proteins from either rigid endoscopes/lumens and/or surgical instruments and its size is more suited to Sterile Service Unit environments.

A wide shot image of the Medstar system from Alphasonics, designed for cleaning surgical systems.

Designed with the small to medium sized clinic in mind, our Medstar Compact system has been designed for cleaning smaller batches of surgical equipment and rigid endoscopes.

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