Plate cleaning is historically a labour-intensive task, even with an infeed conveyor. Plaeto frees up the labour requirement, enabling other tasks to be undertaken while plates are automatically loaded or cleaned in the PCX system.

The Plaeto vertical plate loading system (Patent Pending) from Alphasonics has been designed to maximise the throughput of our PCX range of plate cleaners alongside being compatible with other plate cleaners while maintaining a small footprint.

Features & Benefits
  • Situated in front of the PCX
  • Automatic loading system
  • No need for an operator
  • Available in five widths: 450mm, 650mm, 950mm, 1200mm and 1400mm
  • Minimum capacity between 15 and 30 plates (depending on width)
  • Suitable for printers with a high volume of plates to clean
  • Compatible with other plate cleaners
  • (Patent Pending)