Industrial Parts Washers Cleaning Systems

These devices fall into our Alphaplus range and as such are designed and made to order.

Alphasonics have worked tirelessly for several years to develop ways for our systems to clean chambers, ink trays and other parts effectively, all while remaining sustainable. We have combined the impressive cleaning capabilities of Alphasound with the process of flocculation to bring an impressive Parts Washing and Industrial Water Recycling System to the print industry.

Ultrasonics is a great way of removing inks and coatings from ink trays and chambers. ALP parts Washing Systems are a positive addition to any press room and are even safe for aluminium chambers.

The Parts Washing System brings these possibilities to printing houses of all sizes which allows them to stay ahead of environmental legislation. All systems are simple, safe, easy to use and have unrivalled payback potential.


AS70 parts washing machine

Non Ultrasonic AS70 is an innovative and award-winning parts washing system for water-based inks and coatings that includes a flocculation facility.


The AS1200 ultrasonic parts washing system has been specifically designed to clean ink trays and chambers contaminated with UV, solvent or water-based inks.

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