Blanket Wash Modules
for offset

At Alphasonics, our innovation and technical expertise has led to the development of a comprehensive range of blanket wash module cleaning systems that can be tailored to suit your cleaning requirements.

Several major offset press manufacturers utilise the Blanket Wash Modules as part of the press. This module is extremely difficult to clean and as such, may lead to problems with production quality.

Alphasonics have developed an innovative range of solutions to take away the hassle from the task, making it quick and easy to tackle this problematic process.


Controlling the coating weight in offset is important, not only for the quality of the printed job, but also for cost benefit. Where an anilox roll is used to deliver the varnish or coating, it is good practice and important that the roll is maintained as far as possible at full volume. Our advanced ultrasonic technology will enable the roll to be controlled in the same way as in Flexo.

No matter what printing process your company uses, our knowledgeable in-house team are able to offer the very best cleaning solution.

Features and Benefits:

  • 10 systems, designed to tailor to each company’s individual needs
  • Anilox Health Care Program
  • Made in Britain patent
  • Alphasound, Betasound and Active Cavitation patent
  • Two-year warranty
  • On going Research and Development team, enabling our systems to improve year after year
  • Performance Guarantee
  • Roll Safety Guarantee


An animated image of the Blanket Module Wash system from Alphasonics.

Offset printers are aware of the issues surrounding dirty, contaminated Blanket Wash Module leading to defects such as stripes in the print which can often make or break a print run.

An animated image of the Blanket Module Wash system from Alphasonics.

The BWM ‘Combi’ Series is a unique piece of equipment that is a must for printers with presses that incorporate ceramic rolls and modules.

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