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    Miranda Cleaning Systems

    These floor-standing models can be found in pressrooms worldwide.

    The Miranda series utilise cutting edge ultrasonic technology and are ideal for rolls of low to mid-range screen counts.

    They are manufactured to the strictest specifications, to ensure the highest standards available in the flexo and gravure industries.

    Features at a glance

    Safe, regular effective cleaning of rolls with screen counts up to 800lpi (315lpc).

    Floor-standing type machinery in single frequency only.

    Standard format includes lengths from 430mm and 2300mm.

    Tank widths: 250mm and 350mm.

    Non-standard tank widths available.

    Automatic pump and filtration system for tank cleanliness and chemical longevity.

    Closed rotation.

    Includes rise tank, spray wash facility and services management bulkhead.

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