Mia Ultrasonic Cleaning Benchtop System

Features & Benefits

A highly affordable system with high specification features with a maximum weight capacity of 120 kilos.

The Mia brings technology to the benches of smaller printers and is compact and simple to use. The machine contains a manually activated pump, as well as a filtration system for tank cleanliness and chemical longevity.

  • Compact and simple to control
  • Tank lengths from 430mm to 2300mm in 10mm increments
  • Tank standard widths 250mm, 350mm, 450mm and 500mm
  • Non-standard tank widths available
  • Includes rinse tank, spray wash facility and services management bulkhead
  • Manually activated pump and filtration system for tank cleanliness and chemical longevity
  • Closed rotation
  • LCD cycle/diagnostic display
  • PLC control
  • Available in Single or Dual frequency
  • Stand (option)
  • Automatic dosing pump (option)
  • Active Cavitation (pat) (option)
  • Auto Roll Reversal (option)
  • Chemical Status indication (option)
  • Betasound (pat) (option available on systems with more than one generator)