Alphasonics , ultrasonic cleaner manufacturers have designed and manufactured a range of advanced ultrasonic cleaning systems to tackle small to large scale cleaning problems from anilox rolls, and surgical equipment to aircraft components across the globe.

Our ultrasonic cleaner machines are unique in both their design and construction, delivering incredibly consistent results with our patented technologies Active Cavitation, Alphasound and Betasound, ISO 13485 accreditation and we are fully compliant with the UK National Health Service HTM01-01 (2016) which helps us provide enhanced performance and short return on investment for all devices.

Ultrasonic cleaners from Alphasonics can be configured to undertake many difficult and varied cleaning tasks including: Surgical Instrument Cleaning, Robotic Surgical Instrument Cleaning, Anilox Roll and Gravure Cylinder Cleaning, Flexo Plate Cleaning, Blanket Wash Module Cleaning, Industrial Parts Washing, industrial ultrasonic cleaners, De-Greasing, Surface Finishing and PCB Cleaning, all utilising our Advanced Alphasound and Betasound technologies. These technologies are particularly suited where both scrupulous and even removal of contaminants is required.

With bespoke systems and a vast range of Alphaclean chemicals to support them, our team ensure that every piece of equipment leaves our factory in top condition and is supplied with a machine manual for your assistance. Whether the system is being transported overseas or across the UK, our team are available to answer any queries during the build process as well as providing aftercare.


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Users of the flexographic and gravure printing processes often face difficulties with cleaning their rolls, especially where high-screen counts are present.

Our systems:

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Several major offset press manufacturers utilise the Blanket Wash Modules as part of the press. This module is extremely difficult to clean and as such, may lead to problems with production quality.

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The flexographic printing industry is dependent on the quality of the digitally produced plates and will only be effective if the plates are in perfect condition for every run.

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Alphasonics have worked tirelessly for several years to develop ways for the printer to clean chambers, ink trays and other parts effectively, all while remaining sustainable

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Advanced ultrasonic cleaning systems are a pivotal piece of equipment by providing the first stage in the decontamination process of instruments within the Healthcare sector as they improve overall infection control and productivity by providing a more efficient and safer method to manual cleaning.

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Our innovation and technical expertise has led to the development of a comprehensive range of tailored ultrasonic cleaning systems for label printers, flexible packaging and corrugated.

Ultrasonic cleaning systems are a pivotal machine within the Healthcare and medical industry as they improve over all infection control.

As a BA approved supplier, our systems provide both safety and efficiency within the Aerospace and Defence industries.

Our systems have been designed to thoroughly remove blood-based proteins and contaminants from Veterinary equipment.

We have created advanced technology that provides a medical grade standard of cleaning to the Automotive industry.

For the Electronics industry, our equipment maximises throughput, increases productivity and eliminates any re-cleans.

The efficiency of ultrasonic cleaning means manufacturers are able to keep their machines running longer.

Our equipment will intensively deep clean and sanitise all catering utensils, butchers’ knives and cutlery to a medical grade standard.

We have created an ultrasonic cleaning system that is perfect for cleaning pieces of jewellery whether they are a work-in-progress, finished or belongs to a customer.

Our range of Alphaclean chemical products go hand in hand with our wide range of ultrasonic cleaning systems.

Designed to deliver golfers with a professional clean, our Golf system is a valuable source of revenue for golf clubs and driving ranges.


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