Advanced Ultrasonic Cleaning - Devices, Technology and Applications

Anilox Rolls/Gravure Cylinder Cleaning Systems

Blanket Wash Module Cleaning Systems

ultrasonic cleanign systems

Chemistry and Auxiliary

ultrasonic cleaning systems

Parts Washing and Industrial Water Recycling Systems

ultrasonic cleaning systems

Plate Cleaning

ultrasonic cleaning systems

Advanced Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems from Alphasonics can be configured to undertake many difficult and varied cleaning tasks including: Surgical Instrument Cleaning, Robotic Surgical Instrument Cleaning, Anilox Roll and Gravure Cylinder Cleaning, Flexo Plate Cleaning, Blanket Wash Module Cleaning, Industrial Parts Washing, De-Greasing, Surface Finishing and PCB Cleaning, all utilizing our Advanced Alphasound and Betasound technologies. These technologies are particularly suited where both scrupulous and even removal of contaminants is required.

All Alphasonics equipment includes several additional patented features that set the devices apart from anything else on the market.

The key to the versatility and flexibility of Advanced Ultrasonics in any format is in the unique application of the sound into cleaning fluid that enables very thorough, even and precise cleaning - right down to a molecular level.

A range of additional and complimentary technologies enables major benefits such as the ability to flocculate UV ink waste, water-based ink/paint/varnish-laden water and waste photo polymer wash-out water for re-use or more environmentally friendly disposal. We also have a wide range of chemicals available that have been specially formulated for use with our devices.