General Warranty

All Alphasonics systems are covered by a general ‘back to base’ (where practical) warranty covering parts, labour and workmanship for the first 2 years of use: operator error, misuse or the use of non-authorised chemistry are excluded.

For our UK customers, this warranty will commence on the day of receipt of the equipment and for our overseas customers, the warranty will commence 7 days after arrival at port or airport.

A close up image of an engineer working on the Megan system from Alphasonics.
A wide shot of the Medstar system from Alphasonics. This device will clean a wide range of surgical instruments.

Healthcare Guarantees

HTM 01-01 Compliance Guarantee (Residual Protein Level) 

Our guarantee is that all Medstar devices, when used in conjunction with Alphasonics approved chemistry and are regularly serviced, will consistently render instruments or equipment to under 5µ residual protein during the initial 2-year warranty.

In addition, we guarantee that our Medstar 1, Medstar 2 and Medstar 3 devices will fully comply with HTM 01-01 (2016) in all relevant aspects.


On-Going Compliance Guarantee (Residual Protein Level)

There is an undeniable requirement for systems in this sector to consistently run at their optimum for patient safety. This factor alone makes the need for on-going management of the device a critical requirement.

Within this sector, we offer a full-service package with quarterly site visits to help maintain the systems at their best. Choosing a service package with your Medstar device will also entitle you to our On-Going Compliance and Performance Guarantee.

In healthcare, our On-Going Compliance and Performance Guarantee states that the device will render surgical equipment to under 5µ residual protein as per the HTM 01-01 2016 guidelines, both within and well beyond the original 2-year warranty.

Operator misuse, use of non-approved chemistry or general wear and tear are excluded.

Print Guarantees

Roll Safety Guarantee

Since Alphasonics opened, we have never had a compliant for Ultrasonic damage to an Anilox roll.

In 2016, the development of a device that accurately measures the activity of ultrasound in a tank of fluid showed that Ultrasonic damage is impossible with an Alphasonics device. This was originally demonstrated in 2015 when we carried out a live simulated cleaning trial.

From the video and the analytical evidence from our CVD, it gives us great confidence to issue a Roll Safety Guarantee with every system sold into Flexo. No other Ultrasonic Anilox cleaner supplier can do this.


On-Going Performance Guarantee

It is one thing owning a top-end piece of equipment such as an Alphasound device, but it is something else to keep it running at its optimum.

Achieving optimum performance and enabling full control of the Anilox is wholly conditional on the on-going performance of the cleaning system and although when it is first installed, an Alphasound system will deliver the above, but over time maintenance will be required to enable the continuance of these benefits.

In this regard, we have launched our Anilox Healthcare Program to our UK customers which has been designed to ensure that the device continues to perform at its optimum. We have also rolled this out too many of our overseas agents. The program not only includes a every 3-month general clean and tune-up, but also Cavitation and AniCam readings to enable on-going validation and control.

Our Anilox Healthcare Program entitles you to our Performance Guarantee which is that your Alphasound system is guaranteed to deliver 100% clean Aniloxes, 100% of the time. *general wear and tear excluded*

A close up image of the Melanie Lite system from Alphasonics, designed for cleaning Anilox Rolls.
An up close photo of the AniCam device in which Alphasonics use to measure the readings of Anilox Rolls.

Anilox Health Care Programme

Neglecting to clean your Anilox rolls on a regular basis means you will not receive an efficient return on your press or anilox investment.

Our Anilox Health Care Program has been designed with our customers in mind, to assist with the management and maintenance of their Alphasound Equipment - their primary tool in protecting their aniloxes.

Having a maintenance programme in place for your Anilox Rolls is crucial to the day to day workings of your printing presses, as it will preserve the integrity of the Anilox engraving, ensure high end print quality, increase press efficiency and yield a longer anilox life.


  • The repeated transfer of a precise volume of ink or coating
  • Consistent coverage
  • Reduced labour and less downtime
  • Fewer job rejections and waste
  • Longer anilox life and lower re-working costs
  • Improved print consistency
  • Reduced requirement to refurbish rolls
  • Easier and more efficient Anilox inventory management
  • Enhancing the Alphasonics Performance Guarantee

There are 3 packages available to our customers and are broken down into Bronze, Silver and Gold. The Silver and Gold packages entail the same as the Bronze, but with added extras.

The highlights of our Bronze package are:

  • Check for faults and preventative maintenance service. Our experts check for drive belt wear and tear, tighten up any clips and hoses which prevent any leaks which may occur due to lack of correct maintenance.
  • Continual overview of pre-press; we offer onsite expertise advice on how to maximise your system.
  • Generator tune up; generators are the engine of the machine and are specially tuned to an optimum cleaning frequency. Over time these generators can drift off frequency and impact on cleaning performance.
  • Machine is fully cleaned – inside and out as dust and dampness will damage the generators and control boards.

Prices for all three packages are available upon request.