Medstar ultrasonic protein removal technology

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Advanced ultrasonic protein removal technology set to change the way we clean instruments.

Intense investigations have been carried out as a realisation that 35% of the population may still have Prion proteins in their bodies after surgery, making it a critical requirement to ensure that all proteins are removed from instruments following re-processing.

We know that bacteria like heat and protein to survive, therefore thermal methods used to remove the protein may be ineffective. Everyone now knows that hospital A&E departments are currently under tremendous strain therefore, when re-processed instruments are inserted into the patient, proteins can be dislodged. This could mean any bacteria present could potentially be released back into the body leading to post-operative infections such as Sepsis.

There has been a number of different techniques used to try and tackle this problem but unfortunately results were inconsistent, which confirms that instruments are not always as sterile as we previously thought. To be able to achieve the safe re-use of these items a new way of cleaning had to be developed. Further trials were therefore set for Medstar to help combat this problem.

The preferred method of NHS England is the ProReveal system, which is accurate, quick and determines the precise location of any remaining proteins. A system was purchased and ongoing developments accelerated over a three-year period, whereby in 2016 all instruments were rendered completely free of residual proteins.

Further Medstar trials continued in 2016 and through a series of prototypes a device now exists that will effectively measure the ultrasonic activity in any ultrasonic tank. This device also includes a co-efficient of variance function and a statistical analysis feature for on-going validation. A CVD, or Cavitation Validation Device, is included within most Medstar devices.

After further trials we now know that commercial grade ultrasonic systems leave residual proteins on instruments and Medstar Advanced ultrasonic systems do not. The UKAS accredited laboratory was engaged to carry out further independent trials, instruments were contaminated and then cleaned by the Medstar system. The results confirm that it is highly possible to achieve disinfection without the need for masses of water. Other features have also been developed and included in the system. This includes the Generator Output Monitoring System, which constantly monitors the generator output and adjusts the input accordingly, ensuring the system is always performing at its optimum.

Every aspect of Medstar has been tested through experimentation. Its technology can be a major tool in the fight against Sepsis and other surgical born infections around the world.


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