Medstar Ultrasonic Protein Removal Technology

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Advanced Ultrasonic Protein Removal Technology Set To Change The Way We Clean Instruments

Researchers were carrying out investigations as 35% of the population may still have Prion proteins in their bodies post-surgery. It is a critical requirement to ensure that professionals can remove all proteins from instruments following re-processing.

We know that bacteria need heat and protein to survive and therefore, the methods to remove the protein may be ineffective. Hospital A&E departments are under continually strain and so, when re-processed instruments are inserted into the patient, proteins can be dislodged. This may mean that any bacteria present are able to release itself back into the body leading to post-operative infection such as Sepsis.

There are a number of different techniques to try and tackle this problem, but unfortunately results were inconsistent. This then confirms that instruments are not always as sterile as they ought to be. Developing a new way of cleaning is how we can achieve the safe re-use of these items.

Setting further trials for the Medstar is to enable that the problem is solvable.

The preferred method of NHS England is the Pro-Reveal system. This is an accurate and quick process which determines the precise location of any remaining proteins. By 2016, purchasing a system for a three-year period to ensure all instruments were free of residual proteins.

Medstar Ultrasonic Trials

In 2016, further Medstar trials continued. Creating a device through a series of prototypes will effectively measure the activity in any ultrasonic tank. This device include a co-efficient of variance function and a statistical analysis feature for on-going validation. Within most Medstar devices, we include a CVD (Cavitation Validation Device).

After further trials, we understand that commercial grade ultrasonic systems leave residual proteins on instruments. They do not leave them on the Medstar Advanced Ultrasonic systems. The UKAS Accredited laboratory were carrying out further trials to further research. The Medstar Ultrasonic System is able to clean and contaminate the instruments. The results confirm that it is highly possible to achieve disinfection without the need for masses of water. The system can develop and include other features. This includes the Generator Output Monitoring System, which constantly monitors the generator output and adjusts the input accordingly, ensuring the system is always performing at its optimum.

Through experimentation, we can test every aspect of the Medstar. The technology can be a major tool in the fight against Sepsis and other surgical born infections around the world.

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