LabelExpo 2017: Live Cleaning Trial

advanced ultrasonic cleaning systems, anilox, ultrasonics cleaning

Alphasonics will be presenting a number of new cleaning developments at Label Expo 2017 in Brussels for the 23rd time.

With an improved range of ultrasonic cleaning equipment, we aim to provide more control for customers over the entire process.

As an industry, we know the importance of the Anilox Roll in the Flexography process, therefore, it is an necessity to ensure it is in the best condition at all times. It isn’t solely about cleaning, it is about keeping control.” – Chris Jones, Alphasonics Marketing.

The latest developments include:

  • Automatic Anilox Roll reversal
  • Automatic chemical dilution
  • Monitoring systems
  • Storage systems

A New Chemical Measurement System

Our new chemical measurement system will enable the user to have a solid indication of the system’s fluid condition.

Controlling elements of Anilox cleaning systems has a number of benefits:

  • A vast reduction in waste
  • Improve production quality
  • Provide straight forward monitoring of Anilox Roll
  • Quicker set up times
  • Removing the need for mediums and pigment enhancers

Controlling the cleaning system is the first step to controlling the Anilox. There is a fine line between controlling the Anilox Roller and increasing profit, which is something we will showcase at Label Expo.” – Chris Jones, Alphasonics Marketing

The Live Trial

Alphasonics will be running a live trial at Label Expo.

We will begin cleaning two 1200lpi rolls in a Megan ultrasonic cleaning system, that will be running until the closing of the show three days later. This will not stop at any point. We aim to show that these systems will not damage an Anilox Roll which is often an issue. The cleaning cycle will run for 79 hours, meaning that over 900 cycles will take place in total and throughout the show, we will be testing for volume and damage.

We will be broadcasting our trial live on Twitter.