Early August 2022 saw a visit to Alphasonics Knowsley facility from Piroto Labelling, a well-known and respected Label Printer from Northampton UK.

The aim of their visit was to determine for themselves, which of the three UK-based ultrasonic anilox cleaning system manufacturers provided a) Best Technology, b) Best Build Quality and c) Best Value for Money. All three suppliers were visited in one day.

At Alphasonics, we have the ability to measure the ultrasonic activity in any fluid-based ultrasound device and in that regard, it is not difficult for us to question, confront and dispel any erroneous claims from any competitor, agent or distributor.

We were able to show Piroto exactly what was happening within the competitor’s devices with facts and data to reveal the risks therein; not with hearsay or misleading assertions from sales reps. We were also able to compare this data with our own equipment, thus offering a clear and transparent comparison between the technologies. The data showed that it is by pure luck that our competitors don’t damage even more rolls than they already do.

Alphasonics offer an incredible, proven technology and have not had a roll damage complaint for 30 years, which we know that neither of our competitors can honestly claim. We have also made over 3000 systems, scattered worldwide. All our equipment is designed and built to a quality management system, that allows us to produce Medical Devices and we also offer a price match guarantee for ‘like for like’ specifications. The technology is also used and supported by most of the top press and anilox manufacturers across the world.

Through our honesty, openness, and ability to demonstrate our methodology and quality, Alphasonics received the order from Piroto, for which we are very grateful. However, in a wider context, the decision to buy from Alphasonics further highlighted the gulf in Technology, Build Quality, and Value for Money that becomes blatantly obvious when making direct, ‘head to head’ comparisons.

Any manufacturer can cut corners to reduce the price and make false claims regarding what they produce, but in the end what can’t speak can’t lie. Anilox roll cleaning is a specialist operation that requires advanced technology to guarantee efficacy to render the anilox 100% clean in a completely safe manner, no matter how regularly the roll is cleaned. Commercial grade equipment cannot guarantee this, despite the dubious claims that only serve to take the industry backward, not forwards and are solely profit-driven.

Dermot Cassidy, Technical & Purchasing Manager at Piroto says:

“We weren’t expecting the level of sophistication that we saw when we visited Alphasonics. Their attention to detail, quality of construction, and components used, together with their knowledge and experience impressed us so much that even after considering several other manufacturer options, our decision to continue our partnership with them on this new project was much easier than we originally thought!”

Cheers Dermot!

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