If I’m totally honest, we weren’t expecting too much from this event and only agreed to continue with our participation as a ‘toe back in the water’ exercise following Covid.

However, How wrong we were. The show was a throw back to the ‘good old days’, with more visitors than we could have possibly hoped for, with the first two days in particular being very busy with umpteen serious enquiries.

One thing also popped up during the show, which was of particular interest. Two different anilox roll manufacturers and one anilox agent based in South America, North America and Canada, all reported to us regarding the sheer number of roll damage incidences witnessed following cleaning with laser technology.

I can’t say that I’m surprised by this news. I was advised by a Professor of Laser technology, as far back as 2012 that nothing should ever be cleaned with a laser. Apart from the issues surrounding the inability to effectively remove white inks and varnishes, the cost, the skill required and the slowness of the operation, there is the spectre of nano-particles that is yet to come to fruition. This is not me scare mongering.

The information is there for everyone to see on the internet. Simply tap in ‘The effects of nano on lungs’. You will find a whole raft of academic papers and articles on the subject. Scary stuff….and NO these particles cannot be filtered effectively. The other funny thing is, Lasers don’t even clean as well as Alphasonics technology. This was confirmed back in 2020, just before Covid, when a well-known German press manufacturer decided to determine for themselves what the best cleaning technology was. To cut a long story short, Alphasonics came out on top, Laser was second and Flexowash was third. 😊 What a pity we’re not allowed to publish the full details.

On a lighter note, we’re please to announce our tie up with Aldus Graphics in Australia who are our new agent down under. We’re very much looking forward to working with Chris, Lyndsay and the rest of the team. We’re all in agreement that this tie-up is long overdue.

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