Introducing the Melanie

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At Alphasonics, we are constantly striving to find the best technologies for our cleaning systems which is why our Anilox Roll and Gravure Cylinder cleaning machines are second to none.

Cleaning anilox rolls when using the flexographic or gravure printing process can prove to be a huge challenge to many printers. Due to the delicate nature of the anilox rolls, cleaning can often result in costly damage. This is why we design and create user friendly units in-house, to provide a solution that can protect fragile components whilst providing a comprehensive clean.

The Melanie is our benchtop system which provides the very best in Alphasound technology at an affordable price. It’s budget friendly price-tag and exceptional cleaning quality, the Melanie has proven to be one of our most popular anilox cleaning solutions. With a tank width of 250 and 350 mm, manual fill and simple drainage this anilox cleaning system is available in either single or dual frequency.

Whilst the Melanie is compact in size, it has the ability to clean up to six rolls simultaneously with the same abilities as the high specification models. Designed not to impact your anilox rolls even after regular use, Melanie provides comprehensive, ultrasonic cleaning time after time.

Having an effective ultrasonic cleaning system improves print quality and lowers the chance of a print run being rejected because of the inconsistencies that clogged Anilox rollers present.

For more information about the Melanie or any of our anilox cleaning systems, visit our machines page or contact on our team on 0151 547 3777 and one of our experts will be able to advise you.



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