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In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, the need for robust infection control solutions is a constant hurdle. Enter Alphasonics UCS, a pioneering force at the forefront of innovation in infection control. In this blog post, we will explore how Alphasonics UCS is spearheading a healthcare revolution by introducing cutting-edge technologies that redefine cleanliness standards and contribute to a safer and healthier environment.


The Current Challenge:

In hospital operating theatres worldwide, preventing the acquisition of infection is an ongoing challenge. Traditional cleaning methods often fall short in terms of removing stubborn proteins from surgical equipment that can lead to increased risk of post-operative infection. From the figures, we can glean SSI’s (Surgical Site Infections) run at the rate of around 20,000 per annum in the UK, with around 4000 of these resulting in death. Extrapolate this by the world population and this figure rises to around 550,00, with 110,00 premature deaths. These figures are based on Western data, so it’s likely that they are somewhat conservative.


A Radical Approach:

The fundamental challenge when removing proteins from surgical equipment is consistency. Any ultrasonic cleaning system will remove the proteins sometimes, but not necessarily all of the time and this is the primary cause of SSI’s from surgical instruments. Complete protein removal prior to being fed into the disinfector washer is the only way to completely guarantee disinfection and ultimately sterilisation.


1.Advanced Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology:

At the heart of Alphasonics innovation is the use of advanced ultrasonic cleaning technology. This cutting-edge approach employs modified high-frequency sound waves to create microscopic bubbles that implode upon contact with surfaces on an incredibly even distribution. These implosions generate intense shockwaves that dislodge and remove both proteins and bacteria to an incredibly low level ensuring a thorough and effective cleaning process. It is the way that the sound is employed that delivers the complete removal of proteins. This technology, that has been developed since 2013, is patented, unique and will deliver 100% protein removal to under 1µ, 100% of the time. Once the proteins are removed, bacteria removal becomes so much easier. Take a look at our video on elevating decontamination, where you can view our video that highlights the amazing efficacy of this technology.

2. Eco-Friendly Solutions:

In its commitment to sustainability, Alphasonics UCS offers eco-friendly cleaning solutions. The ultrasonic technology reduces the reliance on harsh chemicals, minimising the environmental impact while maintaining optimal cleanliness standards.

3. Compliance with Industry Standards:

Alphasonics UCS understands the importance of adherence to industry regulations and standards in healthcare. The company's infection control solutions are designed to meet and exceed these standards, providing healthcare facilities with the confidence that they are implementing state-of-the-art technologies in line with best practices.


Alphasonics UCS is not just a provider of advanced ultrasonic cleaning technology; it is a key player in revolutionising infection control within the decontamination sector. By embracing innovation, precision, and sustainability, Alphasonics UCS is setting new standards for cleanliness and safety. As the healthcare sector continues to evolve, Alphasonics UCS remains dedicated to advancing infection control solutions that prioritise the well-being of patients and the professionals who care for them. The protein free revolution is here, and Alphasonics is leading the way.

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