Veterinary Ultrasonic
Instrument Cleaner

Alphasonics Ultrasonic Surgical Cleaning Systems are designed with veterinary surgeons in mind to thoroughly remove blood base proteins and contaminants from veterinary equipment such as knives, probes, curettes, trimmers and pipettes.  Ultrasonic cleaners are the first stage of decontamination of instruments and provide a safer and faster cleaning process than hand scrubbing surgical instruments because it reduces the potential risk of staff injury and damage to sharp edges.

One of the most common procedures conducted in a veterinary clinic is animal sterilisation, intended to reduce the population of stray animals and eliminate many issues that come with the animal’s reproductive drives. The instruments used must be kept clean to avoid the risk of infection and ensure proper healing. The Alphasonics Ultrasonic Surgical Systems rids the instruments of biological debris and prepares them for sterilisation.

In some cases, the animal may require surgery so the need for veterinarians to keep their instruments in peak performing condition is essential.  Alphasonics ultrasonic cleaner systems are integral in the preparation routine for major surgical procedures since it can clean the instruments without damaging the surfaces. This action ensures that the scalpels remain sharp, the forceps maintain their grip, and the other instruments perform as expected after a cleaning.

Features and Benefits:

  • ISO 13485 Accreditation
  • All systems are in line with NHS UK guidelines HTM 01-01 (2016)
  • A small amount of cleaning agent required
  • Range of models to suit any budget
  • Time and cost effective
  • Constructed in several sizes to suit requirements
  • Medical grade cleanliness
A decorative image of surgical instruments in which Alphasonics have the ability to clean to a medical grade standard with their range of Medstar systems.

With complex operations and requirements within Healthcare, it’s important to get an expert opinion before deciding what solution is right for you and your business. Our trained engineers work with you to design an ultrasonic cleaning system to your specifications and needs. These same experts can not only assist you in selecting the right ultrasonic cleaning system but can help you choose the correct disinfectant or detergent you will need.

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