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At Alphasonics, our innovation and technical expertise have led to the development of a comprehensive range of products that can be tailored to suit your cleaning requirements. Our range of Anilox Roll Cleaning Systems has been specially designed to provide the highest and most consistent cleaning standards available, but they are also completely safe for regular use, even on the highest screen counts and as such are covered by a comprehensive roll safety guarantee.

The main issue that print companies face is that the cleaning of the anilox rolls is not always what it should, or could be. With today’s screen counts manual cleaning does not deliver either the consistency or level of cleanliness required. Other mechanical methods have also been independently shown to not deliver the consistency or depth of cleaning required. Our Advanced Ultrasonic Anilox Roll Cleaning Systems remove microscopic contaminants such as ink residues and contamination to an incredibly low level, thus raising productivity, reducing downtime, and as such, increasing profit and are recommended by most press and anilox manufacturers.


Flexo printers can face problems cleaning anilox rolls to a consistent level, leading to a loss of process control. To overcome this issue, Alphasonics have developed ‘Alphasound’ and ‘Betasound’ technologies that have pioneered the safe and effectively regular cleaning of aniloxes, no matter what the screen count. A 100% clean anilox, coupled with the use of a volume measurement device delivers the ultimate in anilox control, with all the production and financial benefits this brings.

As Flexo settles into the 21st century, it is becoming more apparent that simply ‘cleaning’ the anilox is no longer good enough. Flexo’s new paradigm is ‘Anilox Control’ - ensuring the roll is used in such a way as to deliver the very best results through stringent care, maintenance, and management.

Consistently rendering the roll 100% clean will give a baseline to enable the delivery of six tangible, cost saving, and production-based benefits:

  • No requirement to over-pigmentation inks
  • Faster and more consistent make-ready times
  • Greatly reduced waste
  • Higher and more consistent print quality
  • Improved production run hours
  • Easier and more accurate anilox inventory management

The mantra is clear and simple;

Control the anilox, control the profit.

hp are a respected Friend & Partner of Alphasonics. This is their logo.

“HP own an Alphasonics Melanie 600-2250 DF/2 Anilox Cleaner Solo. This is the second system we have received. It is efficient, a straightforward system to use and is just what we need for a narrow web solution. As a team, Alphasonics are very responsive; I can send an email asking for power consumption and receive the answer within a few minutes. Overall, I am very pleased with this Ultrasonic cleaner.”

Derek Cheng, HP


Our Alphasound cleaning systems provide an ideal way to keep gravure cylinders in pristine condition between print runs and up to 12 cylinders can now be cleaned simultaneously.


Controlling the coating weight in offset is important, not only for the quality of the printed job, but also for cost benefit. Where an anilox roll is used to deliver the varnish or coating, it is good practice and important that the roll is maintained as far as possible at full volume. Our advanced ultrasonic technology will enable the roll to be controlled in the same way as in Flexo.

Features & Benefits:

  • 10 systems
  • Bespoke systems available
  • Alphasound, Betasound and Active Cavitation patents
  • A 2 year warranty
  • Performance and Roll Safety guarantees
  • Yearly system improvements due to our extensive research and development

With complex operations and requirements within the print industry, it’s important to get an expert opinion before deciding what solution is right for you and your business. Our trained engineers work with you to design an advanced ultrasonic cleaning system to your specifications and needs. These same experts can not only assist you in selecting the right advanced ultrasonic cleaning system but can help you choose the correct cleaning solution required.

Want to know more about how advanced ultrasonic cleaning can help you?

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