Medical grade cleaning
on the factory floor

Factory equipment is the heartbeat of worldwide manufacturing, whether dealing with compressors, engines, conveyors, gearing, rollers, or any number of maintenance items components get contaminated through use and decrease productivity and machine efficiency. Alphasonics Ultrasonic Cleaning Engineering Alphasound and Betasound technologies can effectively remove oil, swarf and other contaminants from machine parts, tooling, jigs, tubes and other components inaccessible to spray washing or manual cleaning.

Alphasonics ultrasonic cleaning engineering systems maximise throughput, increase productivity and eliminate the need for re-cleans, making ultrasonic cleaning one of the most effective and environmentally friendly ways to clean parts and components. The efficiency of ultrasonic cleaning means manufacturers can keep their machines running longer, freeing up the workforce, operating more efficiently and with less downtime as Alphasonics is providing medical grade precision cleaning to the factory floor.

A decorative image of an automotive vehicle being worked on.

Want to know how manufacturing equipment life is extended with ultrasonic cleaners?

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