Ultrasonic Cleaning Chemicals
for sustainable wastage

Alphasonics have always been a leader in ultrasound chemistry and as the ultrasonic cleaning industry has developed and businesses require consistent precision cleaning. Alphasonics has produced its own line of cleaning chemicals - Alphaclean.

In line with our Print systems, Alphasonics can provide a range of Ultrasonic Cleaning Chemicals that have been specifically designed for re-use and provide a more environmentally friendly disposal.

With some print companies being unable to re-use the ink, paint, or varnish-laden water, our Alphaclean selection of Chemicals will enable your company to become more sustainable with the wastage.

Features and Benefits:

  • 24 types of Alphaclean Chemicals
  • Worldwide shipment available
  • Standard 25 litre drums
  • Partnered perfectly with our systems
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Our experts can not only assist you in selecting the right ultrasonic cleaning system but can help you choose the correct disinfectant or detergent you will need.

Want to know more about how ultrasonic cleaning can help you?

Call one of our ultrasonic experts at Alphasonics on 01515473777  or email us at salessupport@alphasonics.co.uk .  You can also get in touch with us by filling out our online contact form.