Efficient catering
utensil ultrasonic cleaner

Alphasonics ultrasonic cleaning systems intensively deep clean and sanitise all catering utensils, butchers’ knives and cutlery to a standard that is to a medical grade. Alphasonics catering ultrasonic cleaner is designed primarily with butchers, cafes and restaurants in mind, Alphasonics have manufactured a low-cost parts washing system to provide precision cleaning to remove blood-based proteins and contaminants from kitchen equipment.

Combining the highest quality design with advanced Alphasonics technology our catering ultrasonic cleaner provides fast and effective cleaning of butchers’ knives, cutlery and catering utensils utilising the technology used in pharmaceutical and medical system manufacture.

Our catering ultrasonic cleaner machines reduce manual cleaning of utensils within a shorter period to save on the costs of labour. With the utensils being placed in the parts washing systems basket, it will drop into the machine for an allocated time slot before the utensils are then cleaned to pristine condition. All your team must do is dry the utensils in preparation for the next day.

Features and Benefits:

  • Small parts washer, suitable for butchers
  • Low cost system
  • Labour and time saving
A decorative image a worker slicing fish open.

With complex operations and requirements, it’s important to get an expert opinion before deciding what solution is right for you and your business. Our trained engineers work with you to design an ultrasonic cleaning system to your specifications and needs. These same experts can not only assist you in selecting the right ultrasonic cleaning system but can help you choose the correct disinfectant or detergent you will need.

Want to know more about how ultrasonic cleaning can help you?

Call one of our ultrasonic experts at Alphasonics on 01515473777  or email us at salessupport@alphasonics.co.uk .  You can also get in touch with us by filling out our online contact form.