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Alphasonics ultrasonic systems provides automotive ultrasonic cleaning for Carburetors & Engine Parts. Standard & Custom Built Solutions.

Automotive equipment tends to fail through contaminants such as grease, lubricants and oil, creating costly and sometimes fatal faults. Alphasonics ultrasonic Automotive Parts Cleaning system is a fast and efficient way to remove contaminants from the parts and pieces of equipment in cars, lorries, trains and formula 1 vehicles allowing your workforce to focus their time on other aspects instead of manually re-cleaning automotive parts.

Alphasonics advanced technology provides a medical grade standard of cleaning, whether removing carbon, oil, grease, or dirt from pistons, heads, transmissions or oil coolers, ultrasound penetrates impossible to reach thread and blind holes that manual cleaning doesn’t effectively handle. Its ability to remove contaminants from hard to reach areas makes it one of the most effective and environmentally friendly way for cleaning automotive parts.

A decorative image of a Formula 1 car. Alphasonics have the ability to clean automotive parts for cars, F1, lorries, trucks, vans and train parts to a medical grade of cleanliness.

How can Alphasonics help with your automotive equipment?

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