Unlocking Aerospace Excellence with
Alphasonics Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems

When it comes to the aerospace industry, precision and safety are non-negotiable. Alphasonics is proud to be a trusted BAE Systems-approved supplier, offering advanced ultrasonic cleaning systems tailored to the aviation and defence sectors. Our cutting-edge technology, originally designed for healthcare, guarantees medical-grade cleanliness, reaching even the most intricate surfaces of aerospace components used in manufacturing, overhaul, servicing, and maintenance.

Precision Cleaning for Aerospace Perfection

Aerospace parts are the backbone of aviation, requiring meticulous cleaning down to the nano-gram level. Anything less than perfection can have severe consequences. That's why our Advanced Ultrasonics technology is your ideal solution, delivering a consistently even distribution of sound for unparalleled cleaning precision.

Key Features and Benefits:

✈️ BAE Systems Approved: We hold the coveted status of being an approved supplier for BAE Systems, a testament to our commitment to excellence.

✈️ Customised Designs: Our ultrasonic cleaning systems can be tailored to meet your unique requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for your aerospace cleaning needs.

✈️ Microscopic Cleaning: With the ability to remove bacteria, biofilm, and contaminants to under 1µg, our systems provide a level of cleanliness that surpasses industry standards.

✈️ Medical-Grade Cleanliness: Our technology offers a level of cleanliness comparable to the standards set in the medical field, ensuring the highest levels of safety and quality.

Your Partner in Aerospace Excellence

Navigating the complex demands of aerospace operations requires expert guidance. Our trained engineers collaborate closely with you to design both bespoke and standard Advanced Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems tailored to your specifications. Not only can they assist you in selecting the right device, but they can also guide you in choosing the appropriate disinfectants or detergents for your specific needs.


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