The applications for advanced ultrasonics within the wider medical sector are many and various. The system pictured below highlights just one such device for cannula tube cleaning.

This ALP2200/4 multi-stage device was designed and produced for a Japanese cannula tube manufacturer. The transfer of the specially designed baskets between the tanks was fully robotic utilising the very latest PLC technology on offer from companies such as Siemens as well as other top-quality suppliers.

The specifications from the company were that the system had to clean cannula tube at 2100mm long, with average diameters ranging from 0.4mm ID and 0.7mm OD, in a multi-stage configuration that would wash, rinse and dry up to 150,000 meters per 16 hour day. The tubes also had to be just as clean on the inside as they were on the outside.

This very impressive system is happily working away day in, day out.

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