Alphasonics have recently showcased a 20-year-old machine which is a prime example of the commitment of designing high quality advanced ultrasonic cleaning systems.

The FST 430 System was first manufactured between the months of March and April 1999. With regular service and the customers commitment to ensuring a quality working environment, this system has the ability to last for another decade. Bad news for Sales, but it proves how long lasting the Alphasonics machines are.

The FST 430 has been designed to clean 2 Anilox Rolls up to 16” or 430mm from any press manufacture. Within the systems life span, if the machine were to clean 4 Anilox Rolls per day, it will have cleaned at least 30,000 Anilox Rolls by today. That is a fantastic investment.

Features and Benefits:

  • Alphasound Plus
  • Level detection
  • Automatic heating system
  • Flow detection
  • Automatic filtration
  • Automatic cycling

Our customer has benefited immensely from using this system which has been in continuous use for over 20 years. This has given our customer the complete control of the Anilox Rolls by rendering them 100% clean with every single wash. The running costs for the system are also low in comparison to other systems as the Alphasonics machine only requires a 10% dilution of chemical and requires no skill set to use the equipment.

This system has now evolved into the Megan / Miranda series. Our team of Ultrasonic experts can ensure that your machine can include all the above points plus Active Cavitation, Betasound, Dual Frequency, Hard Chrome, Chemical Monitoring (a lot of which is patented technology). The added features in the evolved series of equipment will speed up the cleaning times and give the equipment a long life span.

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