As a well-established name in the print industry, Alphasonics are continuing to put the needs of their customer’s first and by doing so, have developed an Anilox Health Care Program.

Did you know - Neglecting to clean your anilox rolls effectively on a regular basis will lead to a poor return on press or anilox investment.

The anilox really is the heart of the process and as such, deserves care and attention.

Our Anilox Health Care Program has been designed with our customers in mind, to assist with the management and maintenance of their Alphasound Equipment - their primary tool in protecting their anilox rolls or sleeves.

Having a maintenance programme in place for your aniloxes is crucial to the day to day management of the process of Flexo, as it will help to preserve the integrity of the anilox engraving and in turn, ensure high end print quality, increase press efficiency and yield a longer anilox life.


• The repeated transfer of a precise volume of ink or coating
• Consistent coverage
• Reduced labour and less downtime
• Fewer job rejections and waste
• Longer anilox life and lower re-working costs
• Improved print consistency
• Reduced requirement to refurbish rolls
• Easier and more efficient Anilox inventory management
• Increased production run hours
• Enhancement of the Alphasonics
Performance Guarantee

There are 3 packages available and these are broken down into Bronze, Silver and Gold. The Silver and Gold packages entail the same as the Bronze, but with added extras.

The highlights of our Bronze Package are:
• 4 inspections per year
• Chemical change from customers own stock
• Machine fully cleaned - inside and out.
• Check for faults and undertake preventative maintenance service including generator tune up, transducer inspection and filter change
(where fitted)
• Continual overview of pre-press; we offer onsite expert advice on how to maximise your system.
• Price based on single generator systems. Each additional generator tune up is at an extra cost

Silver Package:
As above plus:-
• Cavitation reading to determine the performance of the ultrasonics.

Gold Package
As Silver Package plus:-
• Troika Anicam readings on 2 designated aniloxes. This service will help with anilox management and will determine the rate of wear.

Prices for all three packages are available upon request.

If you would like to learn more about the Alphasonics Anilox Health Care Program or to discuss the pricing, please contact David Jones.

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