Alphasonics UCS have designed and manufactured a range of anilox roll and gravure cylinder cleaning systems for their worldwide clientele. Our systems are unique in both their design and construction, delivering incredibly consistent results with our patented technologies; Active Cavitation, Alphasound and Betasound.

Users of the flexographic and gravure printing processes often face difficulties with cleaning their rolls, especially where high screen counts are present.

Our innovation and technical expertise have lead to the development of a comprehensive range of products that can be tailored to suit your cleaning requirements as well as a vast supply of Alphaclean chemicals to support our systems. The main issue that print companies face is that the cleaning of the anilox rolls is not always up to standard; the manual cleaning creates inconsistencies across the rolls which may cause the ink to run during the printing process. Our devices remove microscopic contaminants such as ink residues and contamination to an incredibly low level, thus raising productivity, reducing downtime and as such, increasing profit.

Our anilox roll systems:

As part of the Alphasonics range of bespoke ultrasonic cleaning systems, the Alphaplus large roll device raises the standards of large end, heavy or specialised anilox roll and gravure cylinder cleaning within the print industry.

The Megan series of floor standing models incorporates the very highest technological advantages in Alphasound research. Manufactured to exact standards, this device can be found in pressrooms around the globe.

As our most affordable bench top ultrasonic cleaning system, the Melanie can clean between one and eight anilox rolls simultaneously. Available as a Solo, Duo or Trio piece of equipment, this device has a comprehensive cleaning ability that is equivalent to top of the range systems.

The Mia brings technology to the benches of smaller printers and is compact and simple to use. The machine contains a manually activated pump, as well as a filtration system for tank cleanliness and chemical longevity.

Created to strict specifications to ensure the highest standards are available in the flexo and gravure industries, the Miranda is effective when cleaning rolls that have screen counts of up to 800lpi (315lpc).

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