When should cleaning solutions be changed? - The frequency with which you have to change the ultrasonic solution largely depends on the level of control required and the amount of use the ultrasonic cleaning equipment is subjected to.

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As the anilox roll is used, a residual amount of ink or coating contamination is left behind in the cells after the transfer has taken place. This residue dries and creates build-up in the cells.  Over time, these deposits decrease the volume of the cells and reduce their ability to carry and release the amount of ink or coating for which they were originally designed and as such, a loss of control of the process.

This residue also raises the surface tension of the roll and increases the tendency of the ink or coating to “cling” to the cell wall, again reducing release.

Ideally, your anilox rolls should be cleaned whilst you prepare for the next printing job or whenever the cleaning solution becomes contaminated to the point when cleaning becomes impaired and as such, not as effective.

Alphaclean chemical products have been specifically designed for exclusive use in an Alphasonics Ultrasonic cleaning system with the vast majority only required at a 10% dilution.

With a range of over 30 differently uniquely blended fluids to suit any task, we can assure you of safe and effective cleaning regardless of the contamination.

In addition, we now offer a Chemical Status feature as an optional extra item on all new systems. This feature will advise when the fluid needs changing. This takes the guesswork out of the process, thus saving time and money, as well as helping to maintain consistency.

A further benefit of using our chemistry is the ability to flocculate any waste water-based ink / varnish-laden water for re-use or more environmentally friendly disposal.


The adage “Green doesn’t always mean clean” holds a lot of truth, especially in the...

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A up close image of Alphaclean chemical from Alphasonics. Contact our Logistics team to purchase your order.

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