What is Ultrasonic Cleaning?

Ultrasonic Cleaning is achieved through a process called Cavitation. There are two types of cavitation: inertial (or transient) and non-inertial. Non-inertial cavitation is employed in Ultrasonic Cleaning tanks and is a phenomenon whereby rapid changes of pressure in a liquid lead to the formation of small vacuum chambers or cavities in places where the pressure is relatively low.
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How does Ultrasonic Cleaning work?

Ultrasonic Cleaning works through the process of Cavitation and is a process whereby high frequency sound waves and a cleaning agent are used together to gently clean various items. The technology is very expansive as well as versatile and can produce startling results. Alphasonics technology delivers an incredibly even distribution of sound, making it the most advanced, consistent and precise cleaning system on the market.

What if I have specific machine requirements?

Every Alphasonics system is made to the exact specifications for our customers. From concept to design to manufacture, everything is handled in house by our experienced staff. We ensure that we know everything about what our customers need from their cleaning system and that is right for you.

Do I need a cleaning detergent and how often do I need to change it?

You will require a cleaning agent to assist. In most cases, chemistry is only added to an Alphasonics at 10% which means consumable costs are extremely low. In addition, we have access to 40 different cleaning products that have been specifically developed to tackle even the most difficult cleaning issue. We also offer optional filtration systems that can greatly extend the lifetime of the chemical.

In terms of changing your detergent, this will depend on how much contamination you are removing and for what purpose. For Anilox Roll cleaning with daily use, you would get 3-4 weeks without filtration and 6-8 with filtration. If you are cleaning surgical equipment, we would advise a tank change after every cleaning cycle.

What are Alphasound and Betasound?

Alphasound and Betasound are two unique technological developments from Alphasonics.

Alphasound is the ability to choose two different frequencies depending on the task at hand. This comes into its own in Anilox Roll cleaning. Developed in 2000, this uses a higher frequency setting; allowing for the safe and effective cleaning of high screen Aniloxes on a regular basis, which isn’t possible with other systems on the market. This combined with an ‘enhanced frequency sweep’ which regulates the Ultrasonic ensures the user is guaranteed not to damage parts in an Alphasonics system.

Betasound takes the concept further and uses two different frequencies at the same time along with a super-sweeping frequency. High and low frequency pairings are designed for parts that are even more delicate than usual, such as ultra-high screen Anilox Rolls.

Alphasonics are proud to have produced these technologies for the market.