Alphasonics have been designing and manufacturing advanced ultrasonic cleaning systems since 1993 in our Liverpool head office and are now accredited to BS EN 1SO 13485. Our ultrasonic cleaning systems come with several patented technologies allowing us to ensure long life spans of all our systems, along with unrivalled performance. Our ultrasonic technology provides us with the capabilities of making bespoke ultrasonic cleaning systems such as; Anilox roll cleaning systems and ultrasonic surgical systems.


At Alphasonics, our advanced ultrasonic cleaning technology has been specifically developed to give the best results when cleaning delicate items, such as high screen anilox rolls, surgical instruments or engine parts on a regular basis or items that require the highest level of consistent precision cleaning. Alphasonics prides itself on providing medical grade precision cleaning to aerospace, engineering, print, healthcare and transport industries.

Research & Development

We have had an active research and development (R&D) department since 1993 and our several projects have enabled great strides in both the understanding and requirements of advanced ultrasonic cleaning for anilox rolls and how our ultrasonic cleaning technology can be adapted to multiple industries across the globe.


Our Industries

We have been manufacturing and designing bespoke advanced ultrasonic cleaning solutions for print houses and hospitals across the globe for almost 30 years.  Our ultrasonic technology provides precision cleaning for a range of industries from print, healthcare to aerospace and engineering.

Friends & Partners

With 27 years of experience within the ultrasonic cleaning industry, Alphasonics have worked endlessly to ensure that relationships with our Friends and Partners remain as professional and long-lasting as possible.

Anilox Health Care Programme

Our Anilox Health Care Program has been designed with our customers in mind, to assist with the management and maintenance of their Alphasound Equipment - their primary tool in protecting their aniloxes.

Our Guarantees

All Alphasonics systems are covered by a general ‘back to base’ (where practical) warranty covering parts, labour and workmanship for the first 2 years of use: operator error, misuse or the use of non-authorised chemistry are excluded


Alphasonics have a varied and global partner network who promote and sell our ultrasonic cleaning equipment, anilox roll cleaning systems and ultrasonic surgical systems in their multiple forms.