Users of the flexographic and gravure printing processes often face difficulties with cleaning their anilox rolls. This is especially where high-screen counts are present. The delicate nature of these rolls means that printers face concerns over both cleaning efficacy and damage, which can have far-reaching effects on both print quality and profitability.

Alphasonics have developed a range of anilox cleaning systems that provide the highest cleaning standards available and will never damage your rolls, even with regular use. We have spent 25 years developing the technology. It is our ability to continually produce equipment in-line with screen count rises. This puts Alphasonics in a strong position as we are the only Ultrasonic Anilox cleaning manufacturer who offer a written guarantee of roll safety. The reason we can do this is because of the evenness of distribution of sound.

The cavitation graphs below tell the story:

Graph One

There are both spikes and troughs of sound in the above graph.

The spikes show areas of potential damage to a roll and the troughs indicate areas where cleaning would be poor. Note that the ‘spread’ on the ‘Y’ axis at 17.8mV. We are taking this graph from a system that we sell into Flexo.

Graph Two

Here, with our Advanced Ultrasonic Technology, please note the ‘spread’ at only 1.6mV. You can't eliminate the 'spikes' completely, but you can render them so small that they're not an issue. The customer desire to clean rolls on an hourly basis will create an even distribution.

This technology is so effective that it is now also used for the cleaning of surgical instruments within the healthcare decontamination sector; find out more about our Medstar range here.

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