Cleaning of Anilox Rolls

Users of the flexographic and gravure printing processes often face difficulties with cleaning their anilox rolls, especially where high-screen counts are present. The delicate nature of these rolls means that printers face concerns over both cleaning efficacy and damage, which can have far-reaching effects on both print quality and profitability. The good news is that

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Advanced Ultrasonic Cleaning Industries

Alphasonics design and manufacture bespoke ultrasonic cleaning systems for the printing, healthcare, engineering and electronics industries, plus many more. Our machines and services include Anilox Roll and Gravure Cylinder Cleaning, Flexo Plate Cleaning, as well as on Press Cleaning, Industrial Parts Washing, Surgical Equipment Cleaning, De-Greasing, Surface Finishing and PCB Cleaning. The printing industry is

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Why are so many press and Anilox manufacturers choosing Advanced Ultrasonics as their preferred Anilox cleaning methods?

As measurements of ultrasonic cavitation have advanced, it has enabled improvements in the application of high frequency sound into fluid to deliver an incredibly even distribution of ultrasonic activity, making it completely safe and highly effective for anilox roll cleaning. In addition, with the advancement in volume measuring microscopes such as Troika’s AniCAM and other

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See how our ultrasonic anilox cleaning machines can improve your business.

We are a premier supplier of ultrasonic cleaning systems. We design and manufacture bespoke cleaning machines for various industries, including our anilox range which is tailored towards solving the print industries cleaning problems. Users of the flexographic and gravure printing processes often face difficulties when cleaning their anilox rolls. The delicate nature of cleaning these

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