Ultrasonic Cleaning System Subscription

This pioneering scheme, designed for label printers, aims to reduce costs and environmental impact by offering state-of-the-art anilox cleaning technology at a low monthly cost. The process is simple: choose your machine's features and enter your details. A brand new anilox cleaner, complete with advanced cleaning technology and a year's supply of cleaning fluid, will be delivered promptly.

What's included:

• Melanie Lite Ultrasonic Anilox Roll Cleaning System

• 2 x 1 Year Supply of Alphaclean 3 product suitable for Water Based and UV Inks

• 2 Year Warranty

• Annual Service

• Optional machine size and specification upgrades

• Delivery

Servicing & Maintenance Subscription

Is your anilox cleaner performing at its best? At Alphasonics UCS, we aim to ensure your anilox cleaner, the heart of your flexo press, is operating at peak efficiency. As an Alphasonics customer, you already have top-tier equipment, but regular servicing is crucial for maintaining its performance. Our trained engineers offer both on-site and off-site servicing, minimising downtime with a loan system if needed.

What's in your service:

  • Tune Generator(s)
  • Inspect Transducers
  • Inspect Pump Seals
  • Inspect for Leaks
  • Inspect Drive
  • Inspect Heaters
  • Inspect Motor/ Gearboxes
  • Change Belts
  • Change Filter
  • Change Rating plate (If Required)
  • Inspect Rinse Gun
  • Spare O’rings for Sleeve Adaptors
    (Onsite Services only & minimum 48 hours notice required)
  • Full Clean Up

Spare Parts Subscription

When you need spares, are they from the right place? Ensure quick spares availability with Alphasonics' Spare Parts Subscription. Our comprehensive service ensures that all necessary spare parts, consumables, and associated products are readily available, minimising downtime and maximising efficiency.

With next-day delivery, a 6-month warranty on all parts, and easily replaceable modular components, you can maintain seamless operations without delay. Trust Alphasonics to keep your equipment running smoothly with the right parts delivered right when you need them.


Chemical Subscription

Alphasonics now offers a convenient chemical subscription service, delivering your required chemicals on a monthly basis. Our extensive range of Alphaclean chemicals, specifically formulated for use with Alphasonics machines, ensures optimal performance and superior results compared to other brands.

These chemicals are designed to effectively flocculate waste UV ink, water-based ink, paint, and varnish-laden water, facilitating re-use or environmentally friendly disposal. With over 30 uniquely blended fluids available, Alphaclean products meet diverse cleaning needs, achieving safe and effective results for any contamination or material. Most of our chemicals require only a 10% dilution, providing both efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Enjoy the reliability and superior cleaning performance of Alphasonics' chemical subscription service, tailored to ensure timely delivery and consistent quality.