Alphasonics Melanie Lite 600-2250 (06)

Melanie Monthly Subscription Service

No fuss.  No waste.  No hassle.    

Alphasonics GO is the world's first anilox cleaner subscription service.

Aimed at reducing costs and environmental impact, this pioneering scheme is designed specifically for Label Printers who want state-of-the-art cleaning technology at a low monthly cost.

Quick and hassle free, it's as simple as choosing your machine's features and entering your details.

We'll then get straight to work on producing a brand new anilox cleaner, complete with our advanced cleaning technology.  Your brand new anilox cleaning machine will then arrive along with everything you need to get going immediately Including a year's supply of cleaning fluid.

At the end of your first year's subscription you receive another year's supply of chemistry automatically.

Also included in the Alphasonics GO package is delivery, supply of associated chemical product, 2 years warranty, servicing and unlimited technical support.

Sign up today using the form below and get the quickest, easiest and most cost effective anilox cleaning method available anywhere.

What's included:

• Melanie Ultrasonic Anilox Roll Cleaning System

• 2 x 1 Year Supply of Alphaclean 3 product suitable for Water Based and UV Inks

• 2 Year Warranty

• Annual Service

• Optional machine size and specification upgrades

• Delivery

Alphasonics GO is a fully inclusive monthly subscription plan for U.K. Based Customers with a two year term.

Machine Features & Benefits

• Dedicated budget bench top roll cleaning device

• Includes manual fill and simple drain

• Up to 2  label sized rolls depending on your anilox size

• Closed rotation

• LCD cycle/diagnostic display

• PLC control

• Dual frequency

• Lightweight lid

• Stand (option)

• Active Cavitation (pat) (option)

• Auto Roll Reversal (option)

• 'Melanie DUO' Rinse Tank Add On (option)*

* Includes mains fill, drain and overflow, rinse tank, spray wash facility and services management bulkhead