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Alphasonics design and manufacture bespoke ultrasonic cleaning systems for the printing, healthcare, engineering and electronics industries, plus many more.

Our machines and services include Anilox Roll and Gravure Cylinder Cleaning, Flexo Plate Cleaning, as well as on Press Cleaning, Industrial Parts Washing, Surgical Equipment Cleaning, De-Greasing, Surface Finishing and PCB Cleaning.

The printing industry is our biggest market and our Anilox roll cleaning systems can be seen in Flexo press rooms around the world. We also produce Parts Washing and Flexo Plate cleaning systems manufactured to the highest specifications. We also have a strong presence in the Gravure sector, with several products capable of cleaning cylinders up to 5 meters long.

Our Medstar healthcare devices provide advanced ultrasonic protein removal technology that is set to change the way dirty instruments are cleaned. Every aspect of Medstar has been tested through experimentation. This technology can be a major tool in the fight against sepsis and other theatre borne infections around the world. Visit our website for more information.

For further information about the Alphasound cleaning capabilities or any of our ultrasonic cleaning equipment, please contact our team on
0151 547 3777.


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