Alphasonics pride themselves on giving their customers the best experience from start to finish. Our Sales team are a dedicated number of experts who are focused on delivering to a high standard.

Press Manufacturers

“Anilox rolls are a fundamental part of flexographic printing. Keeping them clean is imperative to top quality flexo print jobs. Edale would recommend an Alphasonics cleaning unit to all our customers in order to efficiently keep anilox rolls in top condition.”
James Boughton at Edale (UK).

“Alphasonics and Heidelberg UK have worked closely together on the development of an Ultrasonic cleaning system. This system effectively cleans ink contaminated Blanket Wash Modules, bottom cylinder units, ink trays as well as other parts. During the development. Heidelberg UK invited Alphasonics to demonstrate the system at our open house at Tamworth, cleaning many modules for several of our customers here in the UK. The results were exceptional.”
Steve Cavey, Marketing Manager at Heidelberg (UK).

“Whether UV or water-based inks, cleaning the anilox with the Alphasonics anilox cleaner has become an important and successful element in our entire showroom activity. The unit works very reliably, it is operator-friendly and the cleaning result is just perfect. The system has also been used as an after-sales-service instrument for our customers. Customers come here with their anilox rolls and get them cleaned – an Alphasonics cleaner thus is an absolute must.”
Tom Cavalco, European Sales Director at Mark Andy.

“Owning high quality printing machines and using dirty aniloxes does not equate well with good return on investment. Therefore, we recommend Alphasonics power cleaners to our customers.”
Jakob Landberg, Sales & Marketing Director at Nilpeter A/S (Denmark).

“Keeping the anilox as clean as possible is essential for high quality flexo printing. We have been using an Alphasound system for several years for the cleaning of anilox sleeves with Soma GLOBE technology centre. We have found this device very effective and capable of delivering very clean anilox sleeves. We believe that the use of such a system provides great benefit to our customers.”
Martin Shejbal, Technologic Centre Manager & Application Specialist at Soma Engineering.

Anilox Roll Manufacturers

“Anilox suppliers are regularly asked by converters to recommend the most efficient cleaning method, which does not cause damage at the same time even to finest cell walls. We believe that Alphasound DF represents one of the best and most versatile anilox cleaning methods, with the scope to develop along with future anilox technology.”
Inometa: Korhan Koese.

Roll Cleaning (Anilox Rolls / Gravure Cylinders)

“After evaluating several methods, Chesapeake have chosen Alphasonics Dual Frequency Alphasound across a number of sites. Careful management of our anilox inventory using Alphasonics means that we are confident that our rolls give the optimum results. The Alphasonics team are one with a global outlook. They listen and respond to our requirements, tailoring solutions bespoke to each sites’ needs.”
Marcus Reid, Site Director at Essentra Packaging.

“We have found the cleaning of cylinders is much more effective by using the Alphasound system. Cleaning time is only half the time of manual cleaning. By cleaning with the system, we save a lot of money by not having to de-chrome and re-chrome cylinders that are only dirty.”
Frank Neumann at Amcor Flexibles Europe, Helio-Folien.

“Managers and directors are encouraged to spend huge sums of money on expensive equipment with new levels of automation to improve competitiveness and profitability. Often overlooked can be the less interesting, yet equally important parts of the process. Maintaining anilox cell volume as part of standardising print will ensure that your printing system is predictable, right first-time day in day out. This can have a substantial impact on quality, waste reduction and efficiency. With modern anilox rolls yielding over 2 million cells per square inch, maintaining volume whilst at the same time caring for the roll has never been more important. I purchased my first Alphasonics system in 1994 and have never been disappointed. My latest system installed earlier this year has improved further with new levels of control for the finest of anilox rolls.”
Paul Larkin, Technical Director at Multi Labels.

“As a technical association, the DFTA gets many offers of equipment from suppliers for our own use and evaluation. This was the case with Alphasonics in 2010. In the time since then, we have used this machine regularly to clean our F&K sleeves and coating aniloxes from our Heidelberg when we carry out technical trials for our clients. We have found the system from Alphasonics to be safe and very effective in delivering 100% clean sleeves and rolls, which is vital for the work we do.”
Dr Martin Dreher at DFTA-TZ.

Blanket Wash Module Cleaning

“Since the installation of the Alphasonics system, the cleaning of the Blanket Wash units has been greatly enhanced. As we have 32 units, the system is used on a daily basis and saves on the old manual scrubbing and cleaning of the units."
Mike Day at Eclipse Colour Print.

Quality Control

“We’ve seen Alphasonics systems in countless print houses and know the company well. Through analysis of huge numbers of aniloxes where different cleaning methods are used, we can say that Alphasonics are fulfilling their statements and are a safe and a highly effective method of anilox cleaning.”
Phil Hall, Managing Director of Troika Systems.