Friends & Partners

With over 30 years’ experience within the Ultrasonic Cleaning industry, Alphasonics have worked endlessly to ensure that relationships with our Friends and Partners remain as professional and long-lasting as possible. Alphasonics are grateful for the continuous support received from Friends and Partners over the years; below are some testimonials we have received about our machines and workmanship across all industries internationally.

ABG International

“Here at ABG International, we have had an Alphasonics Melanie system in our facility since 2010 and have found it to be a very useful tool in keeping our Aniloxes clean. It is easy to use, safe and very effective. We have also recommended several of our customers to buy an Alphasonics system and as far as we’re aware, they are all very happy with their equipment.”


In our Competence Center at Bobst Firenze, we use an Alphasonics Megan system to clean our aniloxes when conducting press acceptance tests and for our general use. We have found the Alphasonics Megan system very effective and easy to use. It gives great results every time.

Matteo Losito, Competence Center Manager at Bobst

Central Piedmont Community College

“We have had the Melanie 600-2250 DF Duo in our lab since 2018. The Melanie 600-2250 DF Duo has brought new life to the oldest and most abused aniloxes we have as well as keeping newer ones on the cusp of performance. We have rollers that are in the area of 15 years old that look like they are next to brand new due to the performance of the Alphasonics cleaner. It is remarkably easy to use and maintain. With very little training our students love to use the unit. It has drastically improved the consistency of our solid ink densities in spot colour and process colour reproduction. On top of how awesome the product performs, the team at Alphasonics USA has been friendly, knowledgeable, and responsive in the rare instance there has been an issue.”

Zachery Blackburn, Instructor Graphic Arts/Flexography at Central Piedmont Community College.


“Our Flexo Technical Institute DFTA Technology Centre in Stuttgart has used Alphasonics products for a number of years and have always been very happy with them. We have convinced ourselves about this Ultrasonic Technology to be at the very forefront of technology and openly recommend it to be used by our Association members.”

Prof. Dr. Martin Dreher, Director at DFTA Stuttgart


“Alphasonics have been a trusted supplier to Edale over many years and we have built a strong relationship with them. They have supplied us with their Alphasonics cleaning unit Megan 850-3350 and it has been fundamental to safely cleaning our Anilox rolls to ensure the best quality flexo print jobs. The Megan 850-3350 has been used by our customers worldwide and is also presented in our print showroom at our UK Headquarters in Whitely.”

James Boughton, Managing Director at Edale Ltd



Harper recognize Alphasonics and are happy to consider them as a partner and friend.

Lee Harper, CEO at Harper Global Graphics Inc.


“HP own an Alphasonics Melanie 600-2250 DF/2 Anilox Cleaner SOLO. This is the second system we have received. It is efficient, a straightforward system to use and is just what we need for a narrow web solution. As a team, Alphasonics are very responsive; I can send an email asking for power consumption and receive the answer within a few minutes. Overall, I am very pleased with this Ultrasonic cleaner.”

Derek Cheng, HP



“From our point of view, the systems from Alphasonics have convinced us in their combination of cleaning effect and material protection. In collaborative projects, Alphasonics have shown that everything is possible; from standard systems to special applications.”

Cedric Tappe, Managing Director at Inometa

Mark Andy

“Mark Andy have used Alphasonics equipment in our facilities worldwide since 1995. Our operations in US, Europe, UK and China have all taken great benefit from the use of this technology over the years. We have been very pleased with our association with Alphasonics and expect this to continue.”

Tom Cavalco
Executive Vice President, International Business at Mark Andy Inc.


“I have known and worked with Alphasonics for many years, so it was a no brainer that we should have their kit in our new US showroom. The equipment is of a very high specification, safe, effective and compact. Also in the US, we are supported by Chris Jones who is very helpful.”

Dilip Shah Sr.
Technical & Sales Support Manager at MPS Systems North America Inc.


“Cleanliness – especially for Anilox Rollers – is of paramount importance in quality Flexo printing – and that’s where Alphasonics come in on top.”

Jakob Landberg
Sales & Marketing Director at Nilpeter A/S


“We originally got our Alphasonics Megan 1050-3350 system in 2014 and upgraded it in 2017. This piece of equipment works most days in our demo centre and has made a great difference to how we approach Anilox Cleaning. It works well and is very effective in keeping our Aniloxes clean. Someone also told us that this equipment was dangerous for our Aniloxes, but this has not been the case with our common Anilox Rollers that we found out on the market.  We would highly recommend this machine.”

Alfonso Melesi at Demo Centre Manager, Omet srl


“Keeping the Anilox as clean as possible is essential for high quality Flexo printing. At Soma Globe Technology Centre, we have been using an Alphasound system for several years for the cleaning of Anilox Rollers. We have found this device to be very effective and capable of delivering very clean Anilox Sleeves. We believe that the use of such a system provides great benefit to our customers.

Zbynek Zemanek, Demo Centre Specialist at Soma

TLS Anilox GmbH

“TLS Anilox GmbH clean customers Aniloxes with Alphasonics cleaning machines. They are fast, easy to handle and save the Anilox and its ceramic surface even with high screen count engravings. Our customers send us their Aniloxes for cleaning which are contaminated and varnish bases. The ultrasonic cleaning is very powerful, and we receive deep cleaning results in a short time.”

Andreas Willeke, CEO at TLS Anilox GmbH


“At Xeikon, we have used Alphasonics cleaning systems for many years as we realise the importance of keeping the Anilox Roll as clean as possible. We’ve also found this equipment easy to use, giving us great results.”

Filip Weymans
VP Marketing, Digital Solutions


“For us at Zecher, as a world leading manufacturer of Anilox rollers, it is necessary to have different cleaning options in house to help customers with their cleaning problems. Zecher the technology of two Alphasonics cleaning systems, which fulfils the customer needs and their expectations. The technology of Alphasonics is easy to handle and the results are more than comparable to other modern cleaning methods.”

Rüdiger Wand, Managing Director at Zecher GmbH