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Formed in 1993, Alphasonics has gained a reputation world wide for technical excellence and unrivalled service in the field of ultrasonic cleaning systems. Currently, we have over 1700 clients worldwide. The secret to our success lies in our commitment to innovation and technical excellence in the application of high frequency sound as used for cleaning. Our experience in solving our customer’s problems has led us to develop an array of Alphasound products that can be tailored to suit almost any cleaning requirement.

In addition to the superb cleaning capabilities of Alphasound, we take pride in the system design and user friendliness of our units. We offer single tank, multistage, conveyored and special bespoke equipment, including auxiliary equipment such as pick-and-place units and cranes of various capacities and designs.

All systems are designed and manufactured in-house. We fabricate and construct our own tanks and steelwork, design and assemble our own generators and control cards and bring the whole system together to produce Alphasound equipment in whatever format. With Alphasound, we have the capability of cleaning components of a very fragile nature and of a more general nature within the same system, simply at the press of a button. This unique application of ultrasonic technology is constantly evolving inline with the various challenges that face us daily.

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Mr David Jones

Managing Director

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Mrs Lilian Connick

Financial Controller

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Mr Peter Balshaw

Design Engineer

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Mrs Joanne King

Logistics Manager

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Mr Christopher Jones

Marketing Manager/UK & ROI

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Miss Laura Mangan

Quality Manager

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Miss Charlotte Jones

Accounts/HR Trainee

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Our efforts in this field have brought several environmental awards, and the success of our roll cleaning equipment for the print industry can be measured against the number of awards our customers win.

We are more than happy to look at any application, no matter how obscure you may think it is. If you have a problem you think may be solved with ultrasonics, please contact us. Our dedicated team is available to answer any requirements you may have.

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