Advanced Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems

We are global designers and manufacturers of ultrasonic cleaning systems across a range of industries.

Our ultrasonic cleaning systems for Healthcare and Medical improve overall infection control and have been developed with one thing in mind: protein removal from surgical equipment. Introducing our Medstar range

Our ultrasonic cleaning systems are designed for Flexography, Gravure and Offset. No matter which printing process your company uses, we are able to offer the very best ultrasonic cleaning solution.

Our industrial ultrasonic cleaning solutions are specifically designed to deliver high-performance, non-destructive cleaning and processing of electrical components to increase productivity.

Aerospace manufacturing and maintenance require the utmost cleaning precision that only ultrasonic parts cleaning systems can provide to reach the most inaccessible surfaces.

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Why choose us?

British manufactured

ISO quality standards

Established since 1993

3,000 + units sold globally

Patented technologies

Sustainable design

Machine training

Roll cleaning

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The Engineers Choice of Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems

Welcome to Alphasonics UCS: the world’s leading British designer and manufacturer of advanced ultrasonic cleaning systems.

Founded in 1993, Alphasonics have developed a worldwide reputation for innovation and technical excellence within the field of precision cleaning. Our globally supplied advanced ultrasonic cleaning systems are unique in both their design and construction, delivering incredibly consistent results. All devices include several patented features that offer enhanced performance and a short ROI.

David Jones, Managing Director

Since 1993

serving the ultrasonics industry


We are global designers and manufacturers in ultrasonic parts cleaning systems across a range of industries from Print, Healthcare, Aerospace, Catering, and Electronics.

◎    Return on Investment seen after 12 months
◎    Performance and Roll Safety Guarantee with every system
◎    Improved performance and reduced downtime
◎    Transparent costs


Research &

R&D is at the heart of what we do.

It is our belief that our strong scientific expertise can result in a high-quality approach to cutting edge technologies, and the next developments in industrial ultrasonic cleaning.


The results of our Research & Development programs have been exceptional and as an outcome, we have been using Dual Frequency technology since 2000.

Our Guarantees

All Alphasonics ultrasonic cleaning systems are covered by a general ‘back to base’ (where practical) warranty covering parts, labour and workmanship for the first 2 years of use: operator error, misuse or the use of non-authorised chemistry are excluded.


Alphasonics have a varied and wide-reaching partner network who promote and sell our ultrasonic cleaning equipment in its multiple forms.

We work closely together daily to ensure that the best possible customer service is provided on a global scale.


Everything Our Clients Say About Us


“Managers and directors are encouraged to spend huge sums of money on expensive equipment with new levels of automation to improve competitiveness and profitability. Often overlooked can be the less interesting, yet equally important parts of the process. Maintaining anilox cell volume as part of standardising print will ensure that your printing system is predictable, right first-time day in day out. This can have a substantial impact on quality, waste reduction and efficiency. With modern anilox rolls yielding over 2 million cells per square inch, maintaining volume whilst at the same time caring for the roll has never been more important. I purchased my first Alphasonics system in 1994 and have never been disappointed. My latest system installed earlier this year has improved further with new levels of control for the finest of anilox rolls.”

Paul Larkin – Hamilton Adhesive Labels

We chose Alphasonics Anilox Cleaning Systems. We did the due diligence and we took a look at some data & facts out there, spoke to our peers, and, in addition to Reliability and Technical Excellence, one of the things that really differentiated Alphasonics from everybody else was the dedication of customer service. Semliki Royal Group of Companies is a customer-oriented operation, so we would expect that from our vendors as well, and consequently we’ve developed a significant partnership with Alphasonics. We utilize the heavy duty Melanie Extra Anilox Cleaner DUO Series, with Active Cavitation, designed to clean and rinse both narrow and wide anilox rolls up to 60Kg maximum weight. We’ve found out that this is a very, very definitive unit, fits very well with our operations, and we’ve not faced any issues and no downtime. Alphasonics service technicians have been A1, any concern or any need that we have, all we’ve had to do is pick up the phone and they will respond to those needs as quickly as possible. We expect that our equipment work as impeccably well as our team members within the facility and Alphasonics fits that bill 100%.”

Doris Mwesigire-Mutabazi

“Since the installation of the Alphasonics system, the cleaning of the Blanket Wash units has been greatly enhanced. As we have 32 units, the system is used on a daily basis and saves on the old manual scrubbing and cleaning of the units."

Mike Day – Eclipse Colour Print

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