Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment

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As a premier supplier for Ultrasonic cleaning systems, we provide a wide range of applications. We cater to the Electronics, Engineering, Medical and Print industries.

In our warehouse, we design and manufacture bespoke Ultrasonic cleaning equipment.

Ultrasonic Anilox Rolls and Gravure Cylinder Cleaning Systems

Companies who use Flexographic and Gravure printing processes often face difficulties with cleaning their rolls and furthermore, this is particularly where high-screen counts are present. The delicate nature of the Anilox rolls can often be problematic. So much so that the printers may even face damage.

At Alphasonics, we develop a range of cleaning systems which can provide the highest standards of cleaning but are safe to use and won’t damage your rolls.

There are five machines available:

  • Alphaplus
  • Mia
  • Miranda
  • Megan
  • Melanie

Each machine has a particular focus and provides outstanding results.

Plate Cleaning Systems

For a number of years, we have been developing new ways for the printer to clean. Whether it is chambers, ink trays or other parts, it is effectively cleaning whilst remaining sustainable. If we combine the capabilities of Alphasound with the flocculation process, we have created an impressive range. This range includes washers and water recycling to the print industry.

All systems are not just simple. But they’re safe, easy to use and have unrivalled payback potential.

Protein Removal Systems

These devices are specifically designed. They remove proteins from Surgical Instruments. These include daVinci with several models that comply in full with the HTM 01-01 (2016) guidelines.

Chemistry & Auxiliary

A variety of Ultrasonic cleaning equipment allows the cleaning of general parts. The main benefit is to flocculate the waste of UV ink, water based ink / paint / varnish-laden water. This can be re-used and are more environmentally friendly to dispose of.

Our Alphaclean chemicals are far superior if matched with our machines to any other in the market.

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