BWM 'Combi' Series

The BWM Combi series is a unique piece of equipment that is a must for print shops with presses that incorporate ceramic rolls and modules. These 3 tank systems allow the blanket wash module to be cleaned at the same time as the anilox, which can streamline cleaning processes, with the added benefit of powerful Alphasound cleaning technology.

Features at a glance

1300mm, 1500mm and 2000mm tank lengths.

Non-standard lengths available.

100% cleaning to every part of the module inside and out.

Greatly extends the life of the nylon brush.

Inside of spray pipes thoroughly cleaned.

Water or air rinse/clean-off facility enhances cleaning.

Lightly soiled module cleans in 15 minutes.

Minimum time and effort needed by operator.

Anilox coating roll cleaned with the power and safety of Alphasound.